Toulouse rapper Laylow arrested for speeding, tested positive for cocaine

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The artist was placed in police custody this Saturday March 11 after a speeding in the Val-de-Marne. He tested positive for cocaine.

This is a case that takes place in a context of great vigilance on excessive driving after the accident of Pierre Palmade. Rapper Laylow was arrested before 8 a.m. on Saturday March 11 after speeding in Charenton-le-Pont (Val-de-Marne), according to information from JDD and Le Parisien. The artist, who turns 30 this Sunday, tested positive for cocaine after a drug test.

“The Digital Rapper”

Jérémy Larroux, his real name, was not directly recognized by the police officers of the CRS Autoroutière Est Île-de-France. A placement in police custody was directly decided by a magistrate on duty at the Créteil prosecutor’s office. The Toulouse rapper is still heard about his speeding and consumption at this very moment.

The rapper is considered a 3.0 rapper. He is nicknamed the digital rapper and filled two Bercys last year, a year to the day before his arrest.