Toulouse. Renaud sees double at the Barrière casino

the essential
Renaud will be on stage at the Barrière casino-theater in Toulouse on April 25 and 26. He will sing his songs and covers from the album “Métèque” of which he recently released a new version.

Renaud’s fans, who have not seen him on stage since 2017, should be delighted to approach him again, in greater intimacy, with his next tour, notably on the bill at the Barrière casino, in Toulouse, in next April. Until then, they will have plenty of time to discover the new edition of “Métèque”, his cover album with 4 additional titles. In addition to classics by Moustaki, Montand, Ferrat, etc., her tired but touching voice invites itself on “Suzanne” (by Leonard Cohen, in the French version by Graeme Allwright), “Ma fille” (title by Serge Reggiani from 1971 ), “Life flows, life flees” (by the unknown Jacques Marchais, who was a figure of Saint-Germain-des-Prés in the 50s and 60s). And then also a new one: “I want a Harley”, written by Renaud and set to music by Marc Cuadrado and Thierry Geoffroy. Final song that ends like this: “I want a Harley, a Harley/When I’ll be in heaven I hope/There will be a dealership/To fix all my troubles/All my bolts that come loose.”

Those who love the singer will study “Le dico Renaud” with interest, cobblestone Christian Eudeline which tells the sieur Séchan by the menu, relying very often (a little too much?) on the texts of the songs. And this is how, with Abbé Pierre as a starting point (quoted in the song “I found my gun!” to Zorro (named in “Fallait pas!” and “My lost paradise”), we peck information on a rich career and a strange bird.Among the most important developments is the word “alcohol”, very used in the texts before becoming the ball and chain of a life that goes into a spin.

“Métèque” album, new edition (Parlophone/Warner). “Le dico Renaud” (Out of Collection, 500 pages, €24.90). Renaud in concert at the Casino Barrière, Toulouse, Tuesday 25 and Wednesday 26 April at 8 p.m. Prices: €39 to €69. Tel.05 34 31 10 00 (