Toulouse: the Troquet de Rami selected to host the filming of a series on OCS and Netflix

the essential
Located in the Hers district, Rami’s troquet is hosting the filming of several episodes of the “Toutouloutou” series this Tuesday.

It must be recognized that with its rounded terrace, lined with red and white chairs, its red blind flocked with the letters “Au troquet”, and its crimson interior, the “Chez Rami” bar is not lacking in charm. This is also why he was selected for the shooting, this Tuesday, of several sequences of the Toutouyoutou series, “soon to be broadcast on OCS and perhaps even Netflix”, assures Rami Iassamen, the owner of the place. . Since February 4, 2020, this Kabyle marathoner has taken over this café, which is one of the shops that animate the rotunda of the Château de l’Hers, in eastern Toulouse.

Bursting with energy, Rami, 55, does not count his hours when it comes to animating his bar. “I’m there from 7 am to 10 pm, with a break from 11 am to 3 pm. I want to change the atmosphere of this place through entertainment, the arrival of new customers and soon a tapas corner, ”he explains. Also the shooting of this series, directed by Julien Patry, at home, could not make him more happy. “I hope it will be a hit with the public. And I would participate in it through my coffee, ”Rami slips.

The filming of Toutouyoutou takes place between Toulouse and Blagnac and offers “a dive into the world of aerobics of the 80s”. During the shootings at his home, Rami, himself, will be invited to serve a coffee to the actresses of the series. So he will take part in the series in spite of himself. “I don’t have the leaflet,” he assures us on the eve of the shoot. And to add: “I went to the hairdresser the day before yesterday”.

The film crew will take possession of their coffee this Tuesday, “from 7 am. They will dress him up in their own way, hide what bothers them. I am the only one to be accepted on the set, ”continues Rami. For the occasion, the shops in the rotunda will be closed, the cars evacuated and replaced by models from the 80s. Filming will begin at 10 am and end at 12:30 pm.

“To have been selected is a wonderful thing. This does not happen every day, ”confesses Rami, while savoring his luck.