Try or download and keep forever these 7 free games available only for the next few days; and if not, here are several interesting offers – PC

have you read the Resident Evil 4: Remake analysis? Capcom continues its hot streak when it comes to addressing these developments. But before going to see how much money you have saved to buy survival-horror, you have your weekly date with the free games at 3DJuegos. There is a choice, and there is also spring sale on steam to get fed up of seeing titles at demolition prices.

Free games

Games to claim and keep forever

Games to try for a limited time

  • year 1800 (Xbox Series) – Play it for free before March 20 with XBL Gold. Come, vidi, vici. It has just been released on Xbox, but Ubisoft and Microsoft are so sure that it can be a success as soon as their proposal is tested that it will be free this weekend.
  • autonauts (Xbox) – Play it for free before March 20 with XBL Gold. “Travel across the universe creating settlements on uninhabited planets with the sole goal of powering worlds through the power of automation.” Available to try three days.
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II (PC, PlayStation, Xbox) – Play it for free before March 20 with Activision. While custody disputes continue in courthere is a new weekend to test the shooter in its extensive multiplayer aspect.
  • exoprimal (PC, PlayStation, Xbox) – Play their open test before March 19 with Capcom. We wanted a Dino Crisis, but this multiplayer shooter where you wipe out hordes and hordes of dinosaurs to save the world doesn’t look bad either.
  • sessions (Xbox) – Play it for free before March 20 with XBL Gold. Time to show what you are capable of. This video game is inspired by the golden age of urban skating simulators, the 90s, and has extensive content to take advantage of.

Other free games for subscribers

And the “gifts” do not end here, since we have the option to explore new free games for subscribers in services such as PS Plus at its different levels, PC & Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Live Gold, Prime Gaming, etc. Some news are already available. Don’t forget to take a look at the list.

Deals: great games at a reduced price

  • Assetto Corsa (PC) – Buy it for 3.99 euros before March 23 on Steam at Steam. With a second installment getting closer and closer, it remains one of the most difficult video games not to recommend for those looking for a great car simulator.
  • Sky blue (PC) – Buy it for 4.99 euros before March 23 at Steam. A quite challenging proposal and still today one of the best independent adventures that we have had the pleasure of enjoying in 3DJuegos. Now at a bargain price.
  • Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (PC) – Buy it for 3.99 euros before March 23 at Steam. In the end, its second installment will come out and you still haven’t downloaded it. One of the best examples of the fabulous video games that can be made with this IP.
  • F1 22 (PS5) – Buy it for 12.79 before March 30 at the PS Store. It is not this year’s installment, but since it will not arrive until mid-season it is still the best way to achieve Fernando Alonso’s 33rd victory in Formula 1.
  • NiOh (PS4) – Buy it for 9.99 euros before March 30 at the PS Store. At half the price we find NiOh, one of the most challenging action RPGs and combats that we have been able to enjoy that is ideal for fans of the most mythical Japan.
  • Gotham Knights (Xbox Series) – Buy it for 29.99 euros at the Xbox Game Store. New opportunity to get hold of the latest video game located in the Batman universe. The title had no luck, but it is getting cheaper and its drawbacks are fading.