TV host Jean-Marc Morandini soon to be tried for corruption of minors

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The host of Cnews and NRJ12 Jean-Marc Morandini is referred to a criminal court for “corruption of minors”. He is suspected of having made sexual proposals to minors via social networks. He will appeal in cassation.

No article mentions him on his site specializing in media news. The host of Cnews and NRJ 12 Jean-Marc Morandini will soon be tried for “corruption of minors”. He was referred to a criminal court by the Paris Court of Appeal, as revealed BFMTV.

Two teenagers accuse Jean-Marc Morandini for facts dating back between 2009 and 2013. The first, 15 years old at the time of the facts, would have received particularly raw SMS via Twitter. The second, aged 16, had passed an audition for an erotic film project. The host is suspected of having asked him to undress and mimic a masturbation scene.

In his defense, Jean-Marc Morandini totally denies the casting scene. The teenager remembers: “He looked at me like I was a candy”, he had said during his audition. Jean-Marc Moradini ensures that he did not know that the first teenager was a minor. However, the teenager claims to have told the host to take breaks in their conversations because his mother had to make him recite his history lesson on the Cold War, says BFMTV. The teenager has since withdrawn his complaint.

According to BFMTV, Jean-Marc Morandini had said during his hearing: “Nudity is not a taboo. In the Nordic countries, people are naked in a hammam, a sauna, there is no taboo” .

Jean-Marc Morandini’s lawyer announced the cassation appeal of his client.