TV: Toulousain Bruno Hourcade in the running for the “Quiz des champions” on France 2

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Bruno Hourcade, the super champion of 12 strokes of noon who brought Fontenilles into the legend of televised games, will participate on Saturday on France 2 in the Quiz des champions. The winner, among the nine candidates, will win 20,000 euros for the association of his choice.

He already has all the records in the history of game shows in France. With 252 participations, 251 victories and more than 1 million euros in winnings, Bruno Hourcade remains at this stage an unrivaled master of games. At 31, he also holds the world record for the number of individual victories. For this famous Fontenillois, number 1 of the TF1 show The 12 strokes of noonthe next game will be played on Saturday January 21 in the Champions Quiz hosted by Cyril Féraud, on France 2. That evening he will face nine other winners who have distinguished themselves in Everyone wants to take its place, slam, Everyone has a say Where Questions for a champion. At the end of four rounds combining questions of speed and lists, MCQs, burst questions and sabotage themes, the winner will win the title of “Champion of champions” and 20,000 euros to be donated to the association of their choice.

The Toulousain Bruno Hourcade in the running for the Quiz of Champions.

The Toulousain Bruno Hourcade in the running for the Quiz of Champions.
Credit Christophe Lartige / FTV.

A few days before the meeting, Bruno Hourcade seems rather relaxed. “I’m not a competitor at heart, I mainly participate to have fun and test myself. A lot of people are much stronger than me so if I lose, I would say to myself that it was expected and if I win, it will be a good surprise. For the 30-year-old, the “most intimidating” candidates remain Xavier, who has already beaten him twice, and Christophe, record holder of Questions for a champion.

Facing them, questions about Greek mythology, history or pop culture, his favorite themes, could help him make the difference. For this “general culture fan”, the training began a long time ago. “I remember when I was a kid, when we got together with the family around games of Trivial Pursuit. I continued as a teenager by organizing quiz nights with friends. Today, I continue to be interested in everything and to be curious, that’s the key. I hate leaving a question unanswered or not knowing something. I will immediately seek information to try to understand. And I also read a lot, novels and more broadly everything that comes to hand, ”says Bruno Hourcade who is currently continuing to read, in order, the Rougon-Macquart series, by Zola.

On the professional side, he says he wants to take the time before returning to active life. “I have financial comfort and other earnings to invest. And I haven’t found my way yet. I would perhaps like to orient myself in culture, the world of theater or museums”.