TVE snacks on ‘Let’s get along’ and Ana Morgade decides to move away

The public channel has decided to paralyze the new program after the catastrophic audience data of the first broadcast.


Surprise on TVE. The public chain has paralyzed let’s get along after its first broadcast. “It has not been”. so has announced Ana Morgade, presenter of the program, the decision made by those responsible for RTVE through their social networks. Also, the comic will not continue in front of the format and he has made clear the reason why he is leaving.

“We have done less audience than teletext“, writes Morgade in the text referring to the low audience. The humor program premiered last Tuesday, February 7, as one of the great bets of this season for La 1. However, the format did not captivate among the viewers as reflected in the 4.8% audience share.

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As reported watch TV, the decision was made this Thursday, February 9. The outlet explains that RTVE sources have stated that this is not a cancellationbut have decided to temporarily paralyze Let’s get along. The intention of the public chain is to reformat it, record more deliveries and broadcast them on a date close to the summer. For this reason, the producer The Pool and the chain itself will work to give the program a twist in order to make it more attractive to viewers.

The decision that Morgade does not continue to lead the program has been made by the presenter herself, as reported in the text published on social networks. “The show will try to shine again and will be back on the screens in a few months, but I can’t be in it, I have other adventures arranged And we’ll go our separate ways. This show won’t be my last fight, obviously, but this battle is over. We left after just one attempt, what can we do,” says the comedian.

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Morgade has made it clear that they had great enthusiasm for this project since the summer. “We have worked a lot, we have put time, effort and a lot of enthusiasm, but we have not been able to connect with the audience“, he comments. In addition, the presenter acknowledges that “I have never known what makes people vibrate with a program, there are so many factors and so many conclusions that one can draw after the fact… but before going out to the coliseum, all the gladiators are the same: we have no idea, and we can only trust that it will not be the last battle.”

“This is over Let’s Get Along and I am very sorry not having had the opportunity to continue working to find a way for the program to connect, make it laugh, make it work”, admits Morgade. “If I find the magic formula, I promise to share it with the world by writing a very expensive book that will only have one copy and since I’m really stupid, I’m sure I’ll end up giving it away at a party or I’ll leave it at a bus stop and you’ll see what a laugh later”, she jokes before thanking the producer and the team involved in the program.

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