Two co-workers meet on ‘First Dates’ and confess that they have always liked each other

The program presented by Calos Sobera did not know that both singles worked in the same place.


Love can be found everywhere even in the workplace. Without knowing it, First Dates brought together two singles who already knew each other before because they were co-workers. Roberto and Javier did not expect to meet on the Cuatro program. Both have confessed that they have always been attracted, but that no one has dared to take a step.

“Oh, Javi! My special friend!” Roberto exclaimed when he saw Javier come through the door. “I adore him! He is a friend and co-worker,” he explained to Carlos Sobera. And it is that neither the singles knew that they would be seen on the program nor was the ‘First Dates’ team aware that they were known. “Getting to know him intimately is going to be great. I don’t know that part, but the activism and partner part, “he confessed.

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Singles have not minded this coincidence and have confessed that they have always “there was an attraction” Between both. As expected, they took advantage of the appointment to let themselves go and confess everything that they had been silent for this time. “You are the only person that I can say that I admire her,” Roberto confessed to his appointment. “It is reciprocal,” Javier replied, not believing what he was experiencing.

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“What you transmit is an injection of energy, all this excites me,” he acknowledged Javier. All this after both confessed that they liked each other, but that they had not dared to take the step until today. “I’m especially excited about the part about: ‘I’m attracted to you. I like you.’ I didn’t imagine that he would tell meI even came to think that he didn’t like it”, added Roberto in the totals.

A chemistry that crossed the screen and that, as expected, both singles said that yes to a second date. Roberto and Javier already knew each other before but since they passed through First Dates their relationship has changed.

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