Two neo-Castres inspired by rapper Gims to create their first single

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Two musicians, Kévin Noé and Aloyse Escoffier-Eyraud, recently settled in Castres in the Tarn, have just released their first single inspired by their favorite artist, Gims. Single that they accompanied with a short film clip.

It is in all discretion, in their “home-studio” installed in Castres, that Kevin Noé and Aloyse Escoffier-Eyraud, of their stage name “Major Neoky & Aloyse” have just recorded their first single “Tess”. A first musical release for the duo, although Kévin Noé, originally from Belgium, has worked in the music industry as a sound engineer for 10 years.

Two years ago now, the 27-year-old came to settle in Castres, to take up a position in marketing. Multidisciplinary and “hands-on”, he also created his production company “Prodify Multimedia Studios”, which also produced the duo’s single. Duo that formed about a year ago when Aloyse Escoffier-Eyraud, 21, from Lyon, came to join them to launch the project. “I had been at the Entre Bièvre et Rhône conservatory for 15 years, studying piano and singing. But I had this desire to do something more tangible and more modern by orienting myself in particular towards pop, ”explains the musician. “And that was good! Already touching electro on my side, we could combine our skills and create together a unifying music. Our ambitions could merge,” adds Kévin Noé.

“We take that as a compliment”

It’s now done, since their title “Trying” is already online on all music platforms and their clip has already counted more than 5,000 views on Youtube. A music video in the form of a short film mainly shot in the Pyrénées-Orientales, where Kévin lived before arriving in the Tarn. “Initially, we wanted to shoot here in Castres, especially in schools, in order to integrate into local life, but no one responded favorably to our numerous requests for filming. But we are not discouraged, and we know that we must first conquer a small audience. We’ll try our luck again! “says the sound engineer, who aspires to release one title per month.

Speaking of their songs, to create them the duo is mainly inspired by the artist and singer-songwriter Gims. But we are rather proud of that, this artist is a monster of music so to tell us that our vocal interpretation resembles what he does in his songs, we take that as a compliment”, confide the young musicians.

To discover their universe, go to their Instagram accounts: “Major Neoky” and “Aloyse Musique.