Under her bangs, Pi Ja Ma will not be alone, Thursday, at the Bikini

the essential
For her Bikini return on Thursday, Apple will introduce us to Pi Ja Ma, a musician-illustrator whose first album is called “Seule sous ma fringe”.

Apple will be sold out on Thursday at the Bikini, before repeating this fall at the Halle aux grains. A success, a week before the Victoires de la musique, where she is nominated twice, which she wanted to share with Pi Ja Ma, her best friend, invited in the first part. Pauline de Tarragon, her real name, is a singer with a record to her credit, “Seule sous ma fringe”. An album full of questions about human relations with an extension of 4 unreleased tracks scheduled for February 17. “We wanted to do a reissue like people known even if we are not!”, Pauline laughs. “We” is the 26-year-old singer and Axel Concato with whom she collaborates for this first musical project. “Fortunately the career of the album didn’t start too badly, I don’t know if I’d have the courage to do a second one! I’d like to keep it until I’m 65… Or after, we don’t know not too much with Macron’s reforms”.

If Pi Ja Ma has so much mischief and perspective on her professional future, it’s because she has more than one trick up her sleeve. Besides the song, she is an illustrator. “My two jobs go well together, they both represent a hassle to live off!”. And, while many dream of being able to do just one of these jobs, Pauline manages to do both, despite the difficulties. At the same time. Moreover, Apple and she had designed a children’s book released in May 2022, “under the eyelids”. She is now working on a graphic novel for young and old adults due out in 2023.

Until then, she reserves a concert “a little express” for the Bikini public. “Pop-rock songs in French and English, as if we were on RTL2! To warm people up so that they can then sing along with Pomme en choir”. And with the heart.

Thursday February 2 at 8 p.m. at the Bikini (rue Théodore-Monod), Ramonville-Saint-Agne. Complete (www.lebikini.com).