Using Your Child As A Bioweapon Isn’t The Worst Thing You Can Do In Crusader Kings 3: Here Are Some Of The Strategy Game’s Greatest Fools – Crusader Kings III

A fan of strategy can cite a good handful of video game sagas that are perfect for you to test your skills when it comes to creating and expanding empires, but if you ask him about the craziest franchise in the genre, he will probably answer you. crusader kings. After all, the third installment has been more than excellent commercial performance thanks to a combination of mechanics that, although difficult to master, result in unlikely situations.

And it is that the community of Crusader Kings 3 has experienced moments of absolute madness. This is how El_Citador shares it on Twitter with a thread in which he compiles some of the most hilarious games of the players, who have not hesitated to use your child in the game as a bioweapon to bring smallpox to another empire or create a king with so many learning points that could figure out when the world was going to end.

There are many anecdotes collected in the thread, so we invite you to read them in the tweet inserted just below these lines. After all, if you are one of those who enjoy expanding an empire with unusual practices, it is possible that you will find some idea to carry out in the game. Because, as you can already imagine at this point in the news, Crusader Kings 3 stands out especially for the variety of situations that can be created.

What did we think of Crusader Kings 3?

And it is that we already said it in our Crusader Kings 3 review: has multiple variables with which spend dozens of hours in a single game, and each one of them gives rise to an original anecdote and, in some cases, really funny. Specifically, we said that “its balance between the number of options and accessibility is superb, and if we add to this the emerging narrative that seems like an inexhaustible source of continuous plots, stories and conspiracies, we are left with a title that borders on perfection. And the best thing is that it is not only for the most seasoned in this genre, but for anyone who wants to start in it”.