Valentine’s Day: these films and series to watch to put things into perspective if you are single

(ETX Daily Up) – Bouquets of roses are out of stock, boxes of chocolates are everywhere on the shelves… No doubt, Valentine’s Day is here! If you are single on this day dedicated to lovers, this is the perfect opportunity to make a good TV program, a “bitcher” story about love. Because, ultimately, love stories usually end badly.

The classic but tragic film: Romeo + Juliet

It is one of the most cult films in the category of tragic love stories in cinema. With “Romeo + Juliet”, the director Baz Luhrmann signed an adaptation of the work of William Shakespeare, combining the original dialogues of the play with a modern staging, sublimated by the performances of the young Leonardo DiCaprio and Harold Perrineau, who embody Romeo and Mercutio respectively, without forgetting the sweetness and sensitivity of Claire Danes at the start of a fine career.

So certainly, the love of youth, between passion and prohibitions, stolen kisses and exacerbated romanticism can make more than one (or more than one) dream, but do not forget the tragic end of the two cursed lovers of Verona. Something to put love stories into perspective.

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The Impossible Love Series: Fleabag

The second, and final, season sets the tone right from the start of the first episode: it’s a love story. Although tragic in turn, the series depicts, not without a good dose of black humor, the failings of love, in all its forms. Let it be family, friendly and of course carnal. The anti-heroine Fleabag continues to blame herself for the death of her best friend, caused by her own betrayal. On the way to find her inner peace, she meets a priest who will turn her life upside down, like a divine punishment. Will the “hot priest” be his lifeline or his ticket to hell?

A series, with two seasons – unfortunately -, which will make you laugh, cry, and believe in love even if the outcome is not as expected. Simple return to reality?

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The film that gives hope: Love, Simon

It’s a “feel good movie”. Understand: a film that feels good. And it is true that on this Valentine’s Day, a love story in rose water, without falling into stereotypes, is all the same a small pleasure that we would offer ourselves well. Signed by Greg Berlanti, “Love, Simon” has succeeded in telling a love story and the coming-out of a young teenager, plagued by the fear of being rejected by his loved ones. This light and unpretentious “teen movie” has the merit of making us smile and put things into perspective on the eyes of others: the love of others is good, self-love is better.

And good news: if you liked the film, you will surely like the series “Love, Victor”, the spin-off of the film. The story follows the life of Victor, a young and new student from the same high school as Simon, who questions his sexual orientation.

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The series between love and sex: The Sex Lives of College Girls

What better than the years in college to appreciate your celibacy? Direction the campus of the University of Essex in Vermont where four students, from different backgrounds, will learn to become friends. Between heartache, their sex stories and their personal problems, the four young women discover themselves and take advantage of student life to explore their sexuality. A freedom that can sometimes be scary, but which opens up the field of possibilities. Something to give us ideas.

The series, co-created by Mindy Kaling, author of ‘Never Have I Ever’ and the latest animated series ‘Velma’, offers a good time of relaxation and ticks all the boxes of a student comedy with the he help of a few shots which nevertheless leave the possibility for the actresses to surprise us… at times.

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The film about the end of a love story: Someone good

“Love stories usually end badly” as Rita Mitsouko sings so well. A saying that is confirmed in a most poetic way with “Someone good” by Jennifer Kaytin Robinson. This romantic comedy, carried by Gina Rodriguez (“Jane, the Virgin”) puts balm in our hearts. A perfect love story between Jenny and Nate, played by Lakeith Stanfield, disturbed by the life that will sound the death knell on this passionate relationship. Dumped by her boyfriend after nine years of relationship, Jenny sinks into a depression. While her friends try to help her overcome this ordeal before she flies to San Francisco where the job of her dreams awaits her, the young woman relives the different moments that punctuated her love story, like a rose thorn which, despite its beauty, can only make us bleed.

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