‘Venom 2’: Who is Carnage and how he became one of the most ruthless villains in comics

The sequel to ‘Venom’ hits theaters this Friday, October 15, with more blood, violence and symbiotes. Want to get to know Tom Hardy’s new enemy a little better?

When the credits came out at the end of Venom, the spectators were pleasantly surprised. With his curly red hair, Cletus Kasady was waiting in San Quentin prison for a visit from Eddie Brock, who was working on an article about him. This serial killer will be a real headache for the protagonist in Venom 2: There Will Be Carnage, which opens on October 15th. Brock (Tom Hardy) has managed to understand perfectly with his alien companion and together they will have to fight against Slaughter, another being that has ended up in the body of Kasady (Woody Harrelson), a terrible serial killer. The sequel It is the introduction of the famous comic book character created in the early 90s.

That “When I get out of here … There will be slaughter” that he utters in the last moments of his scene with Eddie Brock has haunted fans’ heads since we saw them in 2018 and now is the time to delve into the character’s psychotic mind. If you do not know how to locate it very well, here we review the keys to Matanza, also known as Carnage, one of the most ruthless characters in the world of comics.

Who is Matanza? And who is Cletus Kasady?

The union of Carnage and Cletus Kasady results in the perfect mejunge for destruction, chaos and supreme violence. It’s what David Michelinie and artists Erik Larsen and Mark Bagley were looking for when they created Carnage a few years after Venom made its appearance. It was in 1992, in issue # 360 of Amazing Spider-Man. The scriptwriters wanted a darker version of the symbiote and thus Matanza was born, descending directly from the protagonist.

Carnage was fused with Cletus Kasady after a part of Venom – a kind of baby Venom – was left in the cell where the serial killer was, which he had shared with Eddie Brock. The creature slipped into Kasady’s body through a wound and the evil and diabolical being we know emerged.

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Looking at Cletus’ history before merging with the symbiote, it is known that he was a sociopath and criminal sadist from birth. He was given birth in Ravencroft Psychiatric Prison and, after his heart stopped for a few minutes, was revived by the supervillain Knull. While still a child, he killed his grandmother, tried to murder his own mother, and tortured the family dog. Seeing as it was, the mother tried to kill him, but was killed by the father.

He grew up in the St. Estes Orphanage, where his psycho side played out without limits. He pushed a girl onto a bus, murdered the administrator, and burned down the entire building. That was where his philosophy of life began, guided by the belief that existence was meaningless and that “laws are just words”.

The Powers of Slaughter

The bond between Cletus and Carnage is much greater than that developed by Brock and Venom, resulting in a more powerful creature and, in the wake of Cletus’s disorder, much more dangerous, violent and deadly. The alien basically has the same abilities as his partner: strength, agility, and speed. It uses its limbs as deadly weapons and possesses strong healing power. His weakness is fire and sonic weapons.

The other hosts of Matanza

Cletus Kasady was not the only one to harbor the symbiote in his flesh. In its three decades of existence, it has passed through various guests, such as Ben Reilly, Karl Malus and Norman Osborn. This has led to very colorful stories, such as the Spider-Carnage. When the symbiote joined Ben Reilly, who was Spider-Man at the time, a kind of killer superhero was created that could only be mastered thanks to Spidey’s willpower.

On another occasion, Matanza had Dr. Karl Malus as a guest. The criminals Mago and Klaw released Cletus Kasady from prison to try to turn him into his own version of Venom. Since they could not control Kasady, Dr. Malus receives the symbiote and they create an uncontrolled and very dangerous being. In a confrontation with Spider-Man, Carnage is freed and kills anyone who gets in his way, including the criminals who experimented on him. End with the Wizard as host.

Norman Osborn has also welcomed the symbiote, with fateful results. Carnage and Norman Osborn seemed to make a good team and he manages to transfer part of the symbiote to his grandson Normie, creating a version of Red Goblin. Spider-Man destroys Carnage and, as a side effect, fries Norman’s brain, who begins to rave and claim that he is Cletus Kasady..

Woody Harrelson’s version

On Venom: There will be carnage, the person in charge of embodying Matanza is Woody Harrelson, an actor who fits perfectly into the Machiavellian mind of the serial killer. The actor received the order with some nervousness, as he tells in an interview with ScreenRantas he wanted to do the best job possible. “I wanted to try to make the character more interesting. To have some things despite being a serial killer who was loved by Cletus Kasady,” he says.

The second part of Venom promises to be an epic story that will not let the viewer rest. That is, at least, what the screenwriter Kelly Marcel assures, who has declared in an interview with Discussing Film, which will be the “craziest fucking ride you’ve ever ridden on.” “We wanted to take the viewer out of breath at the end, as if you had ridden a roller coaster. The movie goes like a freight train and I don’t know if you could hold out if it were a little bit longer. “

Venom: There will be carnage It will be available in theaters from October 15.

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