‘Venom: There will be slaughter’, ‘The good boss’ and ‘A second’ stand out among the film premieres of the weekend

The animation tape ‘Two colleagues and the great beast’ and the mythical ‘The day of the beast’, by Álex de la Iglesia, are two of the titles that you can also find on the billboard.

We enter the equator of this month of October, and with the arrival of the cold the movie theaters become the most desirable refuge where to spend leisure time. This week you will be able to enjoy on the big screen the long-awaited sequel to Venom, Habrá Matanza, and the Spanish candidate for the Oscar preselection, The Good Patron.

The billboard also receives the drama One Second, the animated film Two colleagues and the great beast, and the unforgettable The Day of the Beast, by Álex de la Iglesia.

Next, Check out the movies that hit theaters this weekend:

Venom: There Will Be Carnage

One of the most desirable novelties of this weekend is Venom: There Will Be Carnage. Three years after the premiere of the first film focused on the well-known Spider-Man symbiote, Tom Hardy once again takes on the role of reporter Eddie Brock, who continues to learn to live with that imposed alter ego. But what neither Eddie nor Venom expected was having to face one of the most fearsome and ruthless villains, the assassin Cletus Kasady turned into the mighty Carnage.

Tom Hardy from ‘Venom: There Will Be Carnage’: “I would like Venom to fight everyone, even with one-year-olds”

‘The good boss’

This weekend you can also enjoy on the big screen of The good boss, the Spanish film shortlisted in the race to the Oscars. Directed by Fernando León de Aranoa and starring Javier Bardem, the film tells the story of a veteran businessman who could soon receive prestigious recognition. While he tries to solve, on his own, all the problems that he encounters; he sees the situation of his company in danger when a worker he has fired starts a series of demonstrations at the door of the company.

‘El Buen Patrón’: Javier Bardem: “There are many good employers: in football, in companies and with others, I have worked in the cinema” ‘El Buen Patrón’. Fernando León: “We make the most important decisions in a bathroom”

‘One second’

Director Yimou Zhang’s new feature film, One second, takes us to the China of the Cultural Revolution. In this environment, a man manages to escape from the prison, in which he was imprisoned, with the sole objective of being able to see the movie in which his daughter appears. On his way he comes across a young orphan, who dreams of being able to enjoy the same film on screen. The two of you will establish a beautiful and genuine friendship, which will change your lives forever.

San Sebastián 2021 Day 1: Reunion with cinema and humor with ‘Official Competition’ and ‘One Second’, Zhang Yimou’s love letter to celluloid

‘Two colleagues and the great beast’

For the little ones in the house, this weekend the animation film hits the billboard Two colleagues and the great beast. The story follows Knudsen and Ludvigsen, two friends who enjoy their life in a tunnel that they have made their home. When an eviction order arrives, they start an adventure to find the whereabouts of one of their grandfather, a pirate who may be the only one capable of ensuring that no one takes their home from them.

The documentary Spain, the first globalization; the dramas Pleasure and Tokyo Shaking, and the mythical film Alex de la Iglesia, The Day of the Beast, are other of the cinephile novelties that arrive this weekend to the national billboard.

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