Víctor Elías’s reaction to Ana Guerra’s triumph in ‘El Desafío’: “Proud of you”

The singer beat Rosa López in an exciting final with fire and tears included.


The Challenge 3 You already have your winner. Ana Guerra was crowned the absolute winner of the new edition of the successful Antena 3 format after an exciting final. The Canarian, Rosa López, Mariló Montero and Laura Escanes disputed better than anyone the pfirst female final of the programand with the help of their colleagues who supported them at all times.

Roberto Leal announced the name of Ana Guerra as the winner and brought tears to the Canary Islands. And, the singer has done her best to win this award. A great challenge for her, who knows her partner Víctor Elías and her program partner Jorge Blanco well. “If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have won this show.“Commented the canary with tears in her eyes about her partner.

The presenter made her a solidarity check of 30,000, but the artist decided to share with her Jorge Blanco. Thus, Ana Guerra donated her 15,000 euros to the Pequeño Deseo Foundation, which tries to fulfill the dreams of those children with serious illnesses to give them joy during treatment. For his part, Blanco handed over the other half of the award to the Spanish Federation for Rare Diseases, which tries to “promote the rights of those living with a rare disease and seeking a diagnosisgenerating strategies that contribute to improving their quality of life”.

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Víctor Elías’s reaction to Ana Guerra’s t

The reactions on social networks were present from minute one that the winner was announced. Friends, family and viewers of ‘El Desafío’ congratulated Ana Guerra for being the winner of one of the most demanding programs on television. A well-deserved triumph that his partner Víctor Elías, actor who played Guille in The Serranoswanted to recognize the effort of his life partner.

I’m proud of you“, Elías wrote in an Instagram story. The actor, without a doubt, has closely followed all the galas of the program and has enjoyed overcoming the challenges of his partner. Both enjoyed the final episode together at home, where There was no shortage of celebrations and messages of support after a program in which history has already been made.

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