VIDEO. Dance with the stars: Vincent Moscato reveals the “royal” stamp he touched for the show

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Former rugby player Vincent Moscato has revealed the high remuneration offered to him by the production of the famous telecrochet to participate in “Dance with the stars” in 2018. “We are paid like royalty,” said the radio host.

Quickly eliminated in 2018 during his participation in “Dance with the stars”, the former rugby player Vincent Moscato obviously keeps good memories of the show, as he recently confided in “The luxury moment” on Star Play TV.

“It was hard,” said the former hooker at first as to his ability to start dancing even when the last time he had danced, “it must have been a slow at Bilboquet, a club night in Gaillac “, laughs the one who started rugby in the Tarn town. “But it was not a competition, he assures (…) I did boxing, I did rugby. You understand that for me, Dancing with the stars is not is not a competition, he replied to Jordan de Luxe, who questioned him. It is a moment of pleasure, of laughter. Whether I finish last or first, I wax myself. It’s a competition in wood. (…) Even the first one, it is good, but for a dancer, it is a pump ”, he finally laughs.

Obviously talkative, the current host of the “Moscato Show” on the RMC station, did not slip away – on the contrary – when talking about his cachet for the TF1 program. “I made between 80,000 € and 90,000 € I think,” thinks the former Tarnais remembered. “We are paid like royalty (…). Studies pay off” laughed the host, before also saying that he was earning a good living for his position at RMC: “A little over € 6,000 per month”.