VIDEO. “I have a husband who is adorable with his wife”: Brigitte Macron praises the president on TF1

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On the set of the 8:00 p.m. news by Gilles Bouleau, Brigitte Macron did not fail to salute the qualities of the President of the Republic as a husband.

The First Lady of France, Brigitte Macron, was the guest of 8:00 p.m. on TF1 this Monday, January 9. While she was present in particular to discuss the Hospital Foundation of which she is the president and which organizes the campaign of yellow coins, she was questioned by the journalist Gilles Bouleau on her role as the wife of the head of state.

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Launched on the disarray of caregivers, whom she often encounters during her trips to hospitals, or even on the themes addressed in the letters she receives as First Lady, she could not avoid being questioned about the pension reform and wanted to reassure “the young people”. The latter often relay to him their fears of “not having a retirement” later. To those, “I want to tell them that everything is done so that you have a retirement”.

\ud83d\udde3 @GillesBouleau “The French are ready to face a reform as radical as that of the #retirements ?”

\ud83d\udde3 Brigitte Macron: “The French, in difficulty, have always reacted […] I want to say to young people ‘everything is done so that you have a retirement’.”

— TF1Info (@TF1Info) January 9, 2023

As for her place as the president’s wife, she says she considers herself a “passenger” of messages that she sends to Emmanuel Macron when the French want to address him. Without going beyond her role: “I will never allow myself to say ‘do this, do that'”, she said.

Since becoming President of the Republic, Brigitte Macron says she has not necessarily seen her husband change. “He adapts to situations, but basically he remains who he has always been,” she explains, adding that she thought she had “a husband who is adorable with his wife”, in response to a question from Gilles Bouleau on Emmanuel Macron’s last interview with journalists from Papotin.

“If I live what I live as I live it, it’s because he’s like that. It would be much more complicated if he weren’t the man he was. It’s not a question of blissful admiration. It is simply to give him back what he is. He is a deeply honest and deeply true man, “concluded Brigitte Macron.