VIDEO. “I’m waiting for a Cash Investigation on France TV” muscular exchange between Sonia Mabrouk and Élise Lucet on the set of “Quelle époque!”

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On the set of the show “Quelle époque!” Sonia Mabrouk asked Élise Lucet to direct an episode of Cash Investigation on France Television.

Élise Lucet and Sonia Mabrouk at loggerheads. Guests on the set of the program “Quelle époque!” broadcast on Saturday March 11 on France 2, the two women discussed the possibility of a television survey on public broadcasting.

“I’m waiting for a Cash Investigation on France TV”

A bit snide, Sonia Mabrouk attacks the one who is known as the queen of the investigation: “I’m waiting for a Cash Investigation on France TV”. To which Élise Lucet replied “I would like to but there is not much to do and say on France Télévisions”.

Sonia Mabrouk refers to the two surveys published in the JDD at the end of January, about the functioning of the management of France Télévisions. The journalist therefore added: “an independent investigation would like it”.

Stung, Elise Lucet nevertheless manages to answer: “You want an independent team, it shouldn’t be France Télévisions, it would take an outside team”, she points out as an inconsistency of words. Sonia Mabrouk finally decides to calm things down and concludes with “no, I consider you independent”.

On Twitter, Internet users are having fun with the scene. “They can’t hurt each other”.

They can’t mess each other up. Ridiculous Sonia Mabrouk

— Mvinus (@vulture1331) March 11, 2023