VIDEO. Jim Carrey responds to conspiracy theory that he’s ‘playing’ Joe Biden

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A supporter of Donald Trump has made the rounds on social media claiming that Jim Carrey would be one of the people who “play” the role of Joe Biden, who is already dead to him.

Joe Biden would be dead and played by actors… The United States is the supplier country of the most eccentric conspiracy theories. Here is a last one involving Jim Carrey who made the rounds on social networks. So much so that the actor himself responded on Twitter.

In a video shared on social media by Jason Selvig of The Good Liars, a comedy duo that interviews conservative Americans on political issues, a supporter of Donald Trump explained very seriously that several actors, aided by a mask, would play the role of an already dead Joe Biden. And among these would be a certain Jim Carrey. He has already interpreted the role of the current American president in the satirical program of political parody “Saturday Night Live”.

The interviewee making particular reference to a time in 2021 when Biden fell three times while climbing the stairs of Air Force One, she added, “I myself think it was Jim Carrey.” This video clip has accumulated several million views on Twitter and Jim Carrey, himself, was therefore able to judge this theory which concerns him. The interpreter of Ace Aventure simply responded to the clip by commenting on the extract: “Oh my God”.