VIDEO. Pierre Richard in agony? The actor denies and openly criticizes the press people

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In a video posted on social networks, Pierre Richard, 87, accuses several celebrity magazines of falsely claiming that he is dying. The French actor claims to only suffer from osteoarthritis.

Pierre Richard does not have the face of a bad day, on the contrary. The French actor even stepped up to the plate this Friday, December 24 and brought a charge against the celebrity press who announced him dying. In a video posted on social networks, the octogenarian openly criticizes the “scavengers” and points to several press titles that predict his imminent death: “despicable” and “indecent” facts according to the person concerned.

“I would not have shot a film for eight weeks; the insurance doctor would not have allowed it, affirms facing the camera Pierre Richard. If it were true, it would be even worse, it is an intrusion on my private life It would be telling everyone something that I have the right to hide “.

The actor finally seeks to reassure his fans by explaining to them that if he moves with crutches it is because he is currently subject to “osteoarthritis”. “I am only condemned to endure these articles which I find absolutely despicable”, comments the actor. And Pierre Richard added with a smile: “I wish you happy holidays. I will have good ones too with my family. I embrace you all.

A few days ago, it was Jean-Luc Reichmann who openly laughed at the magazine France Mag, who claimed the TV host was “in a coma.”