VIDEO. Presidential 2022: Anne-Sophie Lapix puts Xavier Bertrand KO, “You are not even in the second round!”

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At the 8:22 pm newspaper, Xavier Bertrand was the guest of Anne-Sophie Lapix on France 2. Coming to explain his candidacy and his report to the other Republican candidates, the presidential candidate was unsettled by the journalist.

Invited to the newspaper at 8:22 p.m. on France 2, Xavier Bertrand suffered a pike from Anne-Sophie Lapix. Wishing to defend his presidential candidacy and his estrangement from other Republican candidates, the boss of Hauts-de-France explained “the voters of the right and the center, like a majority of French people, want that to change. I am the one who can bring about this change. Do you seriously think that if I was not the best placed today, I would be in front of you to present my project to you? “

An explanation tackled by the journalist who launched tit for tat “well for now, you are not even in the second round in the polls …”.

“I don’t know anything at all”

Surprised, the candidate for the presidential election of 2022 did not know what to answer. Destabilized, the one with 14% of voting intentions, which is the best score on the right, took a few seconds to respond. A moment of hesitation that ignited social networks.

The last 3 seconds, with the head of Anne-Sophie Lapix in “bah go big go on” mode, and Nathalie Saint-Cricq’s zygomatics quivering, it smokes me.

— Vincent O. (@vinshlor) September 30, 2021

Despite this slight surprise, Xavier Bertrand finally defended himself against this tackle. “You know very well that today, I am the only one who can qualify for the second round, and the only one able to win” replied the former minister of Nicolas Sarkozy. With a smile on her face, Anne-Sophie Lapix then replied “I don’t know anything”.