VIDEO. Tarn: Matthieu Chedid offers a song to two patients from the Albi radiotherapy department

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The team from the radiotherapy department of the Claude-Bernard clinic in Albi managed to touch the heart of Matthieu Chedid. He dedicated one of his songs to two of his patients.

It all started at the end of January, in the radiotherapy department. Audrey, a young patient, is not in great shape even though she has to do her session late at night. “To do your rays at 11 p.m. is horrible,” explains Sonia Carcenac, radiotherapy technician at the Claude-Bernard clinic. “We tried to improve the situation by offering her to listen to a song. She wanted us to play M.” A little attention that gave courage to Audrey.

The next day, still at night, the team decides to go further. One of the caregivers who took the opportunity to dress up as M to support the patient in the radiotherapy department. “We put the music on. It was a great moment and we then decided to take a souvenir photo and put it on Facebook”, adds Sonia Carcenac. “She made the buzz on the internet. And we thought that she could perhaps reach M”.

The next day, another patient, Martin, wants to listen to a song by Matthieu Chedid. “His father had even written a song for M. We put them in touch”, says the radiotherapy manipulator. She then takes a photograph to immortalize the moment. And as for Audrey, this one is making the buzz on social networks. “We then decided to go further is to launch an appeal to M, so that he sends a little something to our two patients.”

A tribute song

And the call that was heard by the star. “I received a video directly on my phone,” recalls Sonia Carcenac. “When Audrey and Martin discovered Matthieu Chedid’s song, it was a moving moment.”

In his video, the artist decided to go further and invite the two patients to the concert he will perform in Toulouse on April 19. “I can’t physically come with you. I invite you to the concert in Toulouse or any concert of your choice and I would love to meet you there quickly”, begins the singer before playing his autographed song, La Bonne Etoile, on the ukulele.

“We hope that the patients will be in good enough shape to be able to come and see him,” crosses her fingers Sonia Carcenac. “Until then, we are doing our best to keep morale up. If one of the two has a deteriorating state of health, I promised that I would do everything so that they could enjoy this moment.”

Brighten up the daily lives of patients

Beyond this beautiful moment, the radiotherapy department team has been organizing numerous projects for several years now, with the aim of brightening up the daily lives of patients. And among the team, Sonia never lacks ideas. She even recently decided to create a calendar with the support of the league against cancer and the support of the whole service, to raise funds to fight against cancer.