VIDEO. The magic of Christmas takes hold of the Grand JT des Territoires

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Find every week the Grand JT des Territoires by Cyril Viguier, in partnership with La Dépêche du Midi.

Le Grand JT des Territoires is broadcast on TV5 Monde and local and regional TNT television channels. It is devoted to current events seen by all the regional media. Every weekend, Cyril Viguier offers a tour of the regions to meet the players in the news.

Contents of the December 25, 2021 edition:

– Rush for black gold: If you can’t afford it, do you know how caviar, nicknamed black gold, is made? Answer to follow in a TV7 report, which will take us behind the scenes of its production.

Without alcohol, the party is crazier: The new trend from Great Britain? Do not drink alcohol … A trend that is doing the business of a bar in Chambéry, where the cameras of 8 Mont Blanc have visited, a bar that only offers non-alcoholic cocktails.

Nice tunes in the open air: In this journal, we will meet a traveling pianist. Bjorn, whom our colleagues from TVR have met, moves with his piano to play with his nose to the wind.

The Christmas mage continues : 2 kilometers of garlands, plasma screens… José, an inhabitant of Conty, in the sum put the deco package of his house… as you will see at the end of this newspaper in a report of the chain Wéo