VIDEO. Unusual: when Basile Boli invites himself on the set of “12 Coups de midi” on TF1

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The former Ivorian international footballer was invited on the set of the program “12 noon shots” to the surprise of participants and viewers.

“What can we say about Basile Boli” asks Jean-Luc Reichmann to the two participants of the Friday, February 3 program of “12 noon shots”. This is a question asked to the participants of the “12 coup de midi” of February 3. A €10,000 question that quickly became personified as the host brought the former professional player onto the show’s set.

Gorgeous @BasileBoli_ #basileboli

— Jean-Luc Reichmann (@JL_Reichmann) February 3, 2023

The opportunity to look back on the career of the one who won the Champions League with Olympique de Marseille in 1993. Images of his headed goal against AC Milan were even broadcast. To the delight of one of the participants, himself an OM fan. Basile Boli took the opportunity to present the “Basile Boli Academy”. A sports school that the former OM star aims to open in Chad by next September. Basile Boli is a regular on television sets, he has already participated in several shows such as “Dancing with the stars” or “Mask Singer”.