VIDEO. Yannick Noah tells why he left France to become a village chief in Cameroon

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A year ago, the former tennis player and singer, Yannick Noah returned to Cameroon where he now watches over the inhabitants of the village of Etoudi, which has become a district of Yaoundé.

Became chief of his village in Yaoundé, a city in which he spent part of his childhood, the former tennis player, aged 61, tells in the TF1 program Sept à Huit about his new life in Cameroon, this Sunday, May 8 .

Leaving at the age of twelve to pursue a sports studies course in France, the country of his mother, Yannick Noah has kept a very strong link with his Cameroonian roots, the country of his father. It is in order to realize the dream of the latter, and of his grandparents before him, that the former tennis player returned to Cameroon.

Yannick Noah is rare. It must be said that, for more than a year, he returned to live where he grew up, in Cameroon, in the village of Noah, of which he became the chief on the death of his father.
A new life that he tells tonight, at 7:30 p.m. on @TF1 in front of @audrey_crespo.

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Etoudi is the village of the Noahs. Having become a district of the political capital of Cameroon, Yaoundé, it has about ten thousand people. By tradition, Yannick Noah became the chief of this village. His function ? “Help as I can, there are problems to manage, grievances. There is no Vitale card there,” he adds.

For the artist, this new role is a way to pay tribute to his parents, who died a few years ago, and to prepare for the future of future generations. But tennis is never far away. In Cameroon, he trains children in this sport and has already spotted a talent.

A new documentary is coming

Friday May 13, Yannick Noah was the guest of Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine in C à vous, to present her new documentary, available on Amazon Prime from May 20. In “The meaning of winning”, the artist and sportsman looks back on his journey, from the tennis courts to Etoudi.