Villareal computer scientist and winner of ‘Pasapalabra’: This is the impeccable career of Alberto Izquierdo

Orestes and Rafa have left their chairs for a week to make way for the most emblematic contestants of the successful Antena 3 format.


The week of the champions in Pass word kicked off yesterday. The duel between Jero Hernández and Marta Terrasa left the spectators impressed, since the legendary contestant was one away from completing the donut for which he became the first runner-up of the special. Today, it is the turn of another emblematic winner of the contest: alberto leftknown for his impeccable trajectory.

The set of ‘Pasapalabra’ hosts eight of the most charismatic contestants on the show this week, who are divided into two groups: veteran champions and new champions. The Duel of Championsthis is what Antena 3 has called it, brings back to the small screen the winners most loved by viewers.

‘Pasapalabra’ recovers eight winners for its ‘Duel of Champions’, but we miss two

One of the contestants of the Duel of Champions of Pass word is Alberto Izquierdo, winner of the mythical contest in 2012 when won the jackpot of 374,000 euros. In addition, Izquierdo is not only known for his passage through the Antena 3 format. The participant is known in his native Castellón for his interesting profession.

left is IT in the Villareal Club de Fútbol offices. A job that allows him to meet several “celebrities” from his hometown and allows him to combine his two passions: computing and soccer. However, the man from Castellón is known among his countrymen for his impressive career in television contests.

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An impeccable career that began in 1998

Pass word It is not the only contest that Izquierdo has gone through. The computer scientist is a regular at the best-known formats on Spanish television. His career began in 1998 when he was only 22 years old when he participated in Who wants to be a millionairewhere he managed to earn 300,000 pesetas.

As usual, the mythical contestants of Pass word they are also from To know and to win. Izquierdo participated in the program presented by Jordi Hurtado, reaching the maximum 100 programs in this space and taking 90,000 euros. A milestone that very few contestants have achieved in the more than 20 years of the historic contest.

The Duel of Champions of Pass word It is broadcast from January 23 to January 31 at 8:00 p.m. on Antena 3. Will Alberto Izquierdo manage to win the 50,000 euro jackpot?

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