Visual challenge: ‘Fast & Furious: Tokyo Race’ keeps a little secret that only the very experts will be able to decipher

The third installment of the famous franchise houses a very specific nod to one of the most famous manga in Japan.

Very soon you will be able to see one of the highest grossing franchises in cinema on the big screen again fast & furious. The next May 19 opens Fast & Furious X, the tenth installment of the franchise, starring Vin Diesel. But before that, we are going to remember one of the most spectacular winks of the saga.

If you are an absolute fan of the saga, you may be surprised to know that the third part of the franchise, The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006), hides a great nod that you may have missed and makes reference to a successful manga.

Thanks to one of the observant Reddit users, SynKG, he has found the frame of the specific scene that houses this nod in question. We show you below so you can try to find what it is element in the form of ‘easter-egg‘.

Reddit – u/SynkG

During one of the sequences in which drifting is practiced in one of the parking lots in the city of Tokyo, you can see a Toyota Trueno AE86. This car model gained great popularity thanks to the success of the manga initial D, which was mostly about drifting. The Japanese title was written and illustrated by Shūichi Shigeno, originally published in Kōdansha’s Young Magazine since 1995.

the manga was adapted into an anime series by Avex and later to a live action film by Avex and Media Asia. Initial D tells the story of Takumi Fujiwaraan 18-year-old high school student who works at a gas station and closely follows the world of street racing in japan.