Visual challenge: the detail to ‘The Lord of the Rings’ that slipped into ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ and very few have seen

That small element is something as personal as it is significant for one of the cast members of both sagas.


In 2003 one of the most successful film sagas was beginning, but one of the most famous film trilogies of all time was also closing. We refer to Pirates of the Caribbean.and The Lord of the rings, respectively. But, there is something else that these two franchises have in common.

In the first installment of Pirates of the Caribbean, The curse of the Black Pearl, there is a nod to the saga of The Lord of the Rings that has gone unnoticed by even the most astute and lovers of this first part. Do you know what we mean?

During the scene where Jack Sparrow believes he has escaped in the eyes of the guards, he takes refuge in the smithy where he works Will Turner, who has heard rumors that a dangerous pirate has trodden the streets of Port Royal. Determined to stop him from escaping, Turner, played by Orlando Bloom, starts a dispute between columns, pulleys and swords.

In one of the stunts when Turner leans in to avoid Sparrow, that’s when if you look closely there’s something in that scene of The Lord of the rings that has slipped Next, we show you the frame in question.

Pirates of the Caribbean

You have already seen it? The actor’s shirt reveals a rather unusual tattoo for him year 1700 in which The Curse of the Black Pearl is set. On the inside of her wrist appears in black ink the word “Nine” in Tengwar elvish script Originally from JRR Tolkien.

This tattoo is because after the great friendship that was forged between the cast members during the filming of The Lord of the ringsSome of them decided to tattoo something to remind them of that incredible experience and to unite them forever. An emotional detail that they forgot to erase in post-production.