Vitamin She movie leaked by the website Movierulz

Vitamin She movie leaked by the website Movierulz

All of a sudden, the world became a whole lot more familiar to everyone when they got their hands on a smartphone… Within the same context, they also got close to the world of ghosts .. Without knowing what was true and what was not. Many survivors are rapidly becoming bus stops.

It’s almost like a man gives his whole life over to a touchscreen held in the palm of his hand. The man in the craze for technology is making Burra. With the advent of the smartphone, the smartphone has become an integral part of all our lives. In a way, the smartphone that is supposed to help man has become the dominant player.

While a smartphone looks like a machine that produces only oil, it must still be lit by hand since it is not that kind of machine. The web film ‘Vitamin Shi’ came up with such an interesting storyline.

‘Vitamin Shi’, directed by Jayashankar, who is best known for directing ‘PaperBoy’ based on Artificial Intelligence, is a biopic on the subject of Vitamin Shi. Srikanth Gurram, who is well-known on YouTube for his short films and independent films, played the hero in this film.

Prachi Tucker played the lead role while Ranjit Reddy, Vikas, Moin, Sanjeev Joshi, and Ashok played the other roles. In the lockdown period of the project, the film was completed with good technical values and released recently on MX Player.

There is a story behind this movie (also known as Lingababu Yoganandam) where Leo alias Yoganandam (Srikanth Gurram) is addicted to his phone. Phone, on one hand, I joined a software company because of an endorsement from colleagues .. there is nothing else to do but drink coffee on the other hand.

In one such case, Leo falls in love with his co-worker Vaidehi (Prachi Tucker). There will be no unattended attempts to flirt with her. Even so, Delhi is not willing to give up on her love, but Leo, who can’t live without a smartphone, loses his phone. Leo immediately borrowed and purchased an ultra-modern voice assistant called ‘Vitamin She’ in an emergency.

In what way did Leo’s life turn out after the phone call? Vaidehi, Leo What kind of trouble did Vitamin Shi have? What effects does smartphone use have on human life? In the story of Vitamin, She says that Leo and Vaidehis eventually became one.

I am addicted to the phone. Srikanth did a great job as an irresponsible software employee. Leo impressed me with his portrayal of the character as an experienced actor.

However, the director has given as much importance to the role of Leo as the narrator of the film. The movie was rather enjoyable. It was a movie mainly about Leo and Laila’s relationship. They have an amazing level of humor.

Their conversations are impressive. Laila’s words impress the audience. Difficulty in this situation means .. only you know what you’re talking about or ..Laila’s words seem to make her agree with you only. While the emotional dialogues that Laila says, ‘Machines only make oil, but the lamp is only lit by hand’ are true, the scenes between Laila and Leo are too lengthy to be boring.

When it comes to the heroine .. Prachi Tucker was introduced to Tollywood through the movie ‘Patas’ by Anil Ravipudi. Prachi Tucker, who has acted as the heroine in two Gujarati movies, is the heroine in this.

Prachi praises Vaidehi in the role of a software employee who is addicted to smoking. Looked so pretty. Having a good background for the Vaidehi character became part of the story.

There is an interesting twist to Vaidehi’s past when it comes to their wedding. It would be nice to see more scenes between the hero and his heroines. Most of the time there are more conversations between Leo and Laila.

It is good to point out that the technical values of this ‘Vitamin Shi’, which emerged as a satire on technology, are in line with the movie itself. Besides the characters, the locations it was shot were also very rich as long as the location is not huge.

Shiva Shankara Vara Prasad’s cinematography contributed to the film. The famous king of PVR was very impressed with the music.