Vivek Oberoi’s work in pandemic lauded by Hema Malini

Vivek Oberoi’s work in pandemic lauded by Hema Malini

Vivek Oberoi’s initiative of I Am Oxygen Man has been helping people get oxygen cylinders and necessary medical facilities amidst the second wave of the pandemic. While talking about the initiative, Hema Malini thanked Vivek and the others associated with the project copiously and also opened up about the brilliant work that they all are doing.

Hema Malini says, “For the I Am Oxygen Man Event I am grateful and thankful to Vivek Anand Oberoi, Kailash Kher, and Vivek Bindra. The work that you all have undertaken is brilliant. It is a big thing that you all have come together with this initiative in such a short span of time.

All artistes are standing with you and ready to help in whichever way possible. Lots of people have come forward to help with the I Am Oxygen Man initiative. This shows that there are so many good people in our country who will come forward and help. You all are doing a really wonderful job with I Am Oxygen Man.”

Reverting on the same, Vivek Oberoi says, “There have been numerous actresses who have come and gone, yet the ultimate dream girl across generations of all time is just one. Hema Malini ji is an inspiration to all of us. Not only is she a dream girl in her looks but she has even embodied that in her work.

I have seen with my own eyes the amount of hard work she has put in for the betterment of people in her constituency. She has been working day in and day out for their upliftment. I thank her from the bottom of my heart for coming forward and contributing to the I Am Oxygen Man initiative.”

Many wouldn’t know that Vivek Anand Oberoi and Hema Malini’s association goes way back. She has seen how Vivek’s work has saved young girls at Vrindavan under the project DEVI (Development and Empowerment of Vrindavan Girls’ Initiative) from being forced into prostitution. Vivek’s schools are at Vrindavan and Hema Malini has been a member of Parliament from the same constituency for 2 consecutive terms now.