War Thunder reinvents its war action with new combat vehicles and visual effects as impressive as these – War Thunder

Anyone who plays War Thunder already knows that the content is more than guaranteed over time. One of the last things they received was a vehicle dubbed “The sniper tank.” However, today there is much more to tell and the news is one of the most interesting for the players of this military MMO. This month of March arrives Sky Guardiansa most ambitious update.

Sky Guardians‘ is the first major update for War Thunder in this 2023. One of the most notable novelties is that some of the mechanics have been reworked and visual effects improved. This has not been the only thing, as a new research tree is available and best of all is the inclusion of some highly requested vehicles by the community.

As you can read in the patch notes, War Thunder has added 18 new and updated aircraft of which stands out the Yak-141 and the expected MiG-29 for the German tree. Also, there is a special version of the F-16 for Japan. In the image below you have a more detailed table of the news regarding aviation.

War Thunder Aviation

With regard to land vehicles, we must comment on various developments. In this case, all nations will benefit from new machines, such as the Sd.Kfz.222, both in its German and Chinese versions. Nor can we forget to mention authentic heavy war machines how are he T1E1 or the Churchill NA75. However, the joy of the players is in the desired Ariete AMV PT1 for the Italian nation.

If you are one of those who uses the helicopter the most, we must tell you that there is a very peculiar addition that will surprise the enemies. The AH-6M “Little Bird” is the perfect example of what a vehicle is. small but bully. On the other hand, if what you like is the sea, you shouldn’t start playing without first knowing that 10 new ships are arriving, among which two historical beasts stand out: The USS Nevada and the IJN Nenohi.

War Thunder Tanks

Another novelty that aviation fans will appreciate is a series of visual and physical improvements to the fighters. Without going any further, the effect of the vapor cone can be seen more clearly. Gaijin Entertainment has also taken into consideration aircraft wake and flow separation since it is now more distinguishable and “fluffy”. All this combined with a physical turbulence that gives more realism.

The most important aesthetic addition is a mythical and essential element in every great pilot, we are talking about ejection seats. It is true that it is a purely cosmetic element, but its implementation makes the dip multiply since it is in perfect harmony with the gameplay of War Thunder. However, this animation has been taken care of down to the smallest detail. Just watch as the cab top comes off first, and then the seat rises skyward until the pilot uses the parachute.

War Ejection

If you are a killing machine in the sky, there are more things you need to know. From now on you will see how the damage effects will be more realistic on enemy vehicles and yours too. In this way, when the shrapnel hits the planes you will see some improvements in the visual and physical effects. For example, if an aircraft is on fire you will be able to see the dynamic effects of burning and fading in the center of the fire.

A winter version of the “Seversk” location has also been added along with a new location for Pyrenees Aviation. In addition, several new RB missions for aircraft are available. If you are interested in all this, you can take a look at the available War Thunder packages. Last but not least, we must clarify that players with Premium accounts have received an additional 12 hours of premium time.