Warzone 2 has lost many players, more than Activision expected: these are the numbers – Call of Duty: Warzone 2

That a battle royale is maintained over time and with a large number of players it is really complex. Warzone 2 has not had a good time, especially on Steam. But neither can it be called a failure because it still there are many players enjoying of his action, although the drop in players is notable.

A Twitter user named CharlieINTELwith great reliability in Activision content, has commented the following: “Many sources have told us that the number of Warzone 2 players has decreased during the holidays more than expected“. The thing does not stop there, because a YouTuber named JGOD This information was accompanied by a graph.

Warzone 2 has gone from having more than 450,000 users since its release to 105,995 today on Steam

Warzone 2 started with a lots of players, but this figure has been reduced considerably. Currently there 105,995 players based on data flagged by Steam DB, although this does not include active users on Battle.net or other platforms. Whether or not it will continue to drop is hard to predict, but Activision seems to be aware of this and will try to reverse it over the next few weeks or months.

How is the purchase of Activision Blizzard going?

Until now there are already several countries that have accepted the purchase as the regulator of Brazil, even went further and left some indirect towards Sony and set an example to Nintendo. The second was Saudi Arabia, who had no impediment. It is followed by Serbia and Chile, but there is still long way.

So far the FTC has blocked the purchase. However, from Xbox they hope that it will be approved in other territories. The UK CMA has been a pain in the ass for the past few months, but the interim results will be out soon. The European Union also had to go to phase 2, but in the following weeks we will know its final verdict.