Warzone 2: You’ll do some wild and extreme damage with the sniper thanks to this pro and the accessories he recommends for the MCPR-300 – Call of Duty: Warzone 2

FaZe Booya is one of the many great pros making content about Call of Duty and Warzone 2. On another occasion, this expert brought us an explosive selection of accessories for the Chimera rifle. Now, however, he has found a configuration with which you will deal devastating damage with the sniper MCPR-300. Below we tell you everything you need to know about it and what are the accessories it uses.

FaZe Booya Loadout for MCPR-300

Warzone 2 Mcpr 300 Accessories

  • Canyon: 19″ Silentfire (unlocks upon reaching level 24 with MCPR-300).
  • To be: FSS OLE-V (unlocked upon reaching the level 10 with EBR-14).
  • Look: SP-X 80 x6.6 (unlocks upon reaching level 5 with SP-R 208)
  • Bolt: Cronen Smooth bolt (unlocked by reaching the level 6 with MCPR-300).
  • Ammunition: 300 Caliber High Velocity Ammo Magazine (Unlocks upon reaching level 17 with MCPR-300).

Making use of all the listed accessories, we will get a sniper rifle that will have a awesome bullet speed. In the same way, we will not lose mobility thanks to other accessories that are also applied, especially the laser FSS OLE-V.

It should be noted that, after trying this configuration, the professional himself recognized that it was goal in the game. The biggest thing is that he has really fast ADS for a sniper and he deals a immense amount of damage by shot. As if this were not enough, its cadence is extremely high, so you can easily finish off your enemies by quickly firing a second shot.