‘Way Down’, ‘My Hero Academia: World Mission of Heroes’, ‘Tick, tick … Boom!’ and ‘El belly del mar’ stand out among the film premieres of the weekend

What’s new about Carlos Saura ‘The King of the World’, the comedy for the whole family ‘Beware what you wish for’ and ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’ are other titles that are added to the billboard.

We are entering dangerously into the second weekend of November and it seems that with the gradual arrival of the cold the billboard is warming up. The cinemas are approaching step by step to the prepandemic situation, and this Friday they arrive on the Spanish billboard, nothing more and nothing less than, 15 premieres. Among them, it is worth highlighting the new feature film by Jaume Balagueró, Way Down, starring Freddie Highmore, Luis Tosar and José Coronado.

The third installment of the My Hero Academia saga, World Mission of Heroes, is another of the films that hit theaters this weekend. You will also be able to see on the big screen the musical by Lin-Manuel Miranda, Tick, tick … Boom! and the drama based on real events, The Belly of the Sea, directed by Carlos Saura.

Then see movies hitting theaters this weekend:

‘Way Down’

Prepare to witness one of the biggest heists – or at least the attempt – ever planned with Way Down. The new job as director of Jaume Balagueró shows what the assault on the Bank of Spain would be like. The plan is the work of a gang of expert robbers, who hire a prestigious engineer, the young Thom Johnson (Freddie Highmore), to help them find a way to sneak inside the mythical building. A building for which there are no plans and which remains under constant surveillance 24 hours a day. The mission has another drawback. And it is that the valuable object that they want to steal will only remain in the entity for ten days. As if that were not enough, they will have to make the robbery coincide with the final of the World Cup in South Africa, which will bring together thousands of people in the vicinity of the Bank of Spain.

Luis Tosar: “In Spanish cinema we are more and more coy and less thugs”

The scene with the 1,000 extras, the water tank and other challenges from ‘Way Down’, the film about the assault on the Bank of Spain

‘My Hero Academia: World Mission of Heroes’

Another novelty that arrives this week in Spanish cinemas is My Hero Academia: World Mission of Heroes. After becoming the highest grossing film of the saga in Japan, ahead of My Hero Academia: Two Heroes and My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising, you can now enjoy on the big screen the third installment of the anime based on the manga series My Hero Academyby Kōhei Horikoshi. On this occasion, the heroes Deku, Bakugo and Todokori are recruited to prevent a world catastrophe, which will destroy all the gift holders on the planet. And in just two hours.

‘My Hero Academia: World Mission of Heroes’, the anime that has swept Japan, hits Spanish cinemas

‘Tick, tick… Boom!’

Tick, tick… Boom! is the title of the musical drama of Lin-Manuel Miranda which opens this weekend. Starring Andrew Garfield and Vanessa Hudgens, the film is an adaptation of the autobiographical work of playwright Rent Jonathan Larson. Young Jon dreams of one day becoming a musical star in New York. However, after turning 30, Alon aspires to become a big star in the world of musicals, in New York. Despite dedicating all his efforts to this, when he turns 30 he begins to rethink whether his dream is worth fulfilling.

‘The belly of the sea’

Agustí Villaronga’s new feature film, The belly of the sea, also joins the movie premieres of the weekend. The film, awarded six prizes at the last edition of the Malaga Film Festival, tells the heartbreaking true story that, in 1816, the passengers and crew who traveled aboard the French Navy frigate Alliance suffered. After being stranded off the coast of Mauritania, the captain decided to evacuate all the passengers. But there were no boats for everyone, and more than a quarter of them were forced to get on a raft that later became their worst nightmare.

The terrible tragedy that inspired the ‘Belly of the Sea’ and hits theaters this Friday

‘The king of the whole world’

Carlos Saura returns to the world of musicals, in which he debuted with Blood Wedding (1981), with El rey de todo el mundo. The story takes us to Mexico, where a playwright prepares his next musical, in which he will show what the process of creating a work like this is like. As the protagonist, he chooses his ex-wife, whom he asks to start a casting to find the rest of the cast members. But the entry into the scene of the mafia will mean a change of plans in the development of the project.

‘The king of the whole world’, the musical with which Ana de la Reguera returns to be a dancer by Carlos Saura

The re-release of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, for the 20th anniversary; the dramas Lemon Bread with Poppy Seed, Caring for the Sun and Question of Rights; the comedy for the whole family, Be careful what you wish for; the documentaries The Secret Life of Trees, The Virginia Club, The Sparks Brothers and The Dancing Revolution; the biographical drama Eiffel, and the horror film Till death. Until death do us part are other novelties that are incorporated into the billboard this weekend.

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