‘Way Down’, the connection with Spain that Freddie Highmore had been asking for for years

The British actor lived in Spain for a year and had always wanted to shoot in our country. He has finally done it and for that he has transformed into a treasure hunter thief. Theatrical release on November 12.

“I had always wanted to do something in Spain.” That is the phrase most repeated by Freddie Highmore during the presentation of Way Down, the film that premieres this November 12. It’s what he had dreamed of since he spent a year as a trainee lawyer in Madrid and subsequently gave up everything to pursue his passion and become a full-time actor. Highmore has achieved it with the help of Jaume Balagueró and with a luxurious national cast. “It was a great opportunity. Obviously, with Jaume, Luis Tosar, José Coronado … Such great and talented Spanish actors. It’s a dream come true,” he says in an interview with SensaCine.

Highmore had always been attracted to Spain, so he decided to study Spanish and Arabic Philology. To complete his studies, he lived for almost a year in Madrid working for a law firm and fell in love with the people and the culture. In 2017, in the Jimmy Kimmel program, he recognized that during his period in the Spanish capital he invented that he had a Galician grandmother to be able to make friends.

“I lived on top of a bar and in the afternoons I went to socialize. It’s not that I didn’t like lawyers [con los que trabajaba], but it was an attempt to integrate myself among the locals watching a soccer game. He pretended he had a Spanish grandmother so that he could cheer on the teams and be her friend. Clearly I did not look Spanish, so they asked me why I was cheering for Spanish teams. I made up that I had a grandmother who was born in Galicia “, he confesses with a laugh.

That stage that he lived in our country was really intense. While working as a lawyer in Madrid and specializing in European law, he did not abandon his acting career. At the same time, he was shooting the first season of Bates Motel, the series that brought him back to fame after several mythical roles he played when he was just a child. You surely remember him for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory O Discovering Neverland, two films that he shot with Johnny Depp without having finished primary education.

The scene with the 1,000 extras, the water tank and other challenges from ‘Way Down’, the film about the assault on the Bank of Spain

The Brit comes from a family closely related to acting. His mother is Sue Latimer, a well-known agent whose clients are Daniel Radcliffe and Imelda Staunton., among others. His father, Edward Highmore, is a retired actor who had the opportunity to share scenes with his son in the miniseries. Jack and the Beanstalk: The Real Story. Freddie took an early interest in acting and, despite having a successful career, his family asked him to secure another path and he veered off into law.

Later, he realized that his future was before the cameras and he broke with the career that his parents wanted for him. This break unites him with the character he plays in Way Down and, according to the director Jaume Balagueró to this medium, it made him the ideal candidate to interpret it. “The idea came up [de contratarlo] suddenly and it was one of those that fall under its own weight. When he lived in Spain he was doing an internship at a law firm. This reminded me a lot, and he also, of our character, who is predestined to follow a path within engineering because his father believes that he must end up working for a multinational. Finally, he breaks with everything, makes a decision and is carried away by the call to adventure. He also said ‘I’m in a law firm but what I want is to be an actor.’ And it was.“.

Way Down It is a very familiar return for Freddie Highmore. It means returning to the streets of Madrid, to his beloved Plaza de Olavide -his favorite, very close to where he lived on Calle Fuencarral-, to speak Spanish again and surround himself with the culture that he loves so much.

Just being in Madrid and being able to show a large part of the city was very special and unique. I couldn’t believe the places we were able to shoot and the areas we were able to close. The first day, when we were filming on the roof, and you were looking at all of Madrid … “, says the actor with a smile in an interview with SensaCine.

His only downside is not being able to speak more Spanish on the film. We can hear him say a little phrase, but it remains an anecdote -and quite funny-. “It was fun. I would love to be able to do something else in Spain and speak a little more Spanish next time. But it was fun doing it a bit this time. “, he assures. Maybe next time? The actor continues to want to repeat in the Spanish industry and surely more than one study wants to have him.

Way Down opens in theaters on November 12. It tells the story of a group of thieves who want to seize Francis Drake’s ancient treasure. The downside is that it is in the vault of the Bank of Spain, one of the safest on the planet. Taking advantage of the fact that Spain plays the final of the World Cup in South Africa, the treasure hunters will carry out the plan against the clock.

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