“We also exist and we also fuck”: the cry for the inclusion of Telmo Irureta in the Goya 2023

The actor has won the Best New Actor award for ‘The Rite of Spring’.

Telmo Irureta does not mince words and he has shown it in his speech at the Goya 2023. The interpreter has won the Best New Actor award for his role in Spring consecration, a film about the sexual lives of people with disabilities. He, who has suffered from cerebral palsy since he was 2 years old due to encephalitis, is the best person to talk about this.

In his acceptance speech for the award, he wanted to launch a claim so that the public knows that sexuality is something inherent to the human being, whatever the qualities of each person, something that he has been doing throughout the promotion of the film with which has received the award.

Thanks to David, my character because it is a nod to the right to sexuality of people with disabilities. We also exist and we also fuck

“Let’s toast today to a more inclusive cinema and with bodies of all kinds,” the interpreter continued before a patio of seats that applauded wildly.

Who is Telmo Irureta?

Telmo Irureta was born in Zumaya in 1989 -he is 34 years old- and is a lover of reading and the blues. He has combined his Teaching and Pedagogy career with his facet as an actor, A vocation for acting runs in the family, since her aunt is the actress Elena Irureta, known for her role in series such as Homeland. It was precisely she who gave him the award during the Goya 2023.

When Irureta wanted to study at an acting school, the center told him that he had to meet to see if he could enter as a student. The answer was not long. “First they told him: ‘We have to meet and decide’. And then they told her: ‘Look, if you don’t set limits, we’re not going to set them for you,’ her aunt said in an interview.

His big break came with Spring consecration, the Fernando Franco film in which he plays a young man with cerebral palsy who lives with his mother. His life changes when he meets Laura, who has just moved to Madrid to study a career. A very close relationship arises between them that serves to deepen the sexual repression of people with intellectual capacity.

Irureta was “delighted to record a totally nude scene” under Franco’s orders. “When you go in a wheelchair they ask you a lot about architectural barriers. And that motivates me less, even if it is necessary. It doesn’t make me talk about stairs, but about sex“, he commented in the presentation of the tape, as he collects The mail“I wish I had seen more movies like this, with characters with bodies like mine. I would have felt a little less alone.”