“We could make a new game with everything discarded”: the director of a highly anticipated indie that will come to Xbox Game Pass delves into the importance of the service – The Last Case of Benedict Fox

Last week, as part of our coverage of the [email protected] private event, we told you about The Last Case of Benedict Fox. This title, the first from the Polish studio Plot Twistwill put players in the shoes of Benedict Fox, a self-proclaimed detective who will delve into people’s psyches to discover their deepest mysteries. And, thanks to the opportunity to cover said event, we had the pleasure of chatting with Bartek Lesiakowskithe creative director of the highly anticipated title that will debut next April 27 on Xbox Game Pass.

During said talk, we had the opportunity to ask Lesiakowski about aspects as interesting as the influences of the title, the genres that caused them the most headaches or other types of issues related to the development of the project. And, after knowing your answers, we can assure you that the future metroidvania that will debut in the coming weeks must be marked in red in the calendar of horror lovers, dark settings and works influenced by HP Lovecraft.

The Last Case of Benedict Fox is inspired by film noir and jazz music

We have given importance to the feeling of being lost

During the advance of exclusive gameplay of The Last Case of Benedict Fox, Lesiakowski pointed out that aspects such as the film noir, jazz music and the work of HP Lovecraft had influenced the creation of the title. For this reason, we wanted to delve into this during the interview, a question that helped us learn that jazz music was a problem for them since “it doesn’t mix well with the horror atmosphere”. Thus, he valued the importance of him as cultural phenomenon and its relationship with the festive, a headache when it comes to introducing it into such a gloomy atmosphere. However, he indicated that they were able to solve it thanks to the main composer of the team, a true fan of this type of music.

In addition, he pointed out that the director of the study is to blame for the “influence of German film noir of the 40s and 50s” in the title, adding in turn that it is difficult to choose a work by HP Lovecraft since they are all very important. After this, he delved into which genres gave you the most troublea dichotomy in which he pointed out how complicated it was to go from “a heavier and more linear story” to the final product, a title that mixes many proposals thanks to its intention to “imagine the human psyche and how labyrinthine and complicated it is.”

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Image: The Last Case of Benedict Fox

Thus, he stressed that they were inspired by the metroidvania classics, a series of games in which the player gets lost while figuring out what to do. In fact, he gave importance to the “feeling of being lost”, one of the fundamental aspects of the future game. In addition, he assured that they would be able to “make another game with everything we discarded”, which is why we asked about a hypothetical DLC that encompasses all the discarded material. And, although she was concise in her response, she shed some light on the matter: “maybe, who knows”.

The studio is delighted with Xbox Game Pass

In relation to the gameplay and the final result of the game, he pointed out that they were “very ambitious” despite being a novice study. For this reason, they chose to include dynamic puzzles and different challenges, a factor in which they found a “challenging and fun point”. In this way, those who wish to try The Last Case of Benedict Fox will find, in addition to a set of genres and proposals that fit perfectly in a gloomy world, a title that aims to be one of the most ambitious debuts in recent years. .

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Image: The Last Case of Benedict Fox

Finally, Lesiakowski wanted to assess the importance of being part of Xbox Game Pass. Just like the authors of Inkulinati already didthe creative director of Plot Twist praised the odds that grants them to be part of the Microsoft membership. As he highlighted, an important part of “create a brand and games that players love” is to develop a community. Thus, he pointed out that Xbox Game Pass gives them the opportunity to “reach a lot of people”, an aspect that they consider the greatest attraction. In addition, he also emphasized the help of the ID @ Xbox program to mitigate different problems that arose during development, a process that he defined as “stressful”, but more enjoyable thanks to the support of Microsoft.

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