“We have never canceled a successful series”: This is how Netflix’s cancellations are justified

Neither ‘1899’ or ‘The OA’ are considered successful fictions by the CEO of the streaming platform.

Netflix has been producing numerous series and movies throughout the years of its life on the Internet. But that means that it has also been canceling many of them and many of them totally unexpected despite their supposedly good audience numbers.

The most talked about recently has been 1899, the series created by the same people behind Dark and that spent several weeks as the most watched on Netflix. However, the platform streaming decided in January of this year to cancel it. As happened with The Society, The OA or Sense8, cancellations that caused many fans to criticize Netflix’s decision.

A tweet from the streaming platform that he tweeted in 2017 has even recently gone viral and says: “We don’t like to leave a story unfinished. We’ve learned a lot from Sense8 and we’re going to try not to do this in the future.”

“We don’t like to leave stories unfinished”: Netflix’s ‘tweet’ of 2017 that has turned against him

And, indeed, they have failed in that attempt. In 2022, Netflix has canceled 24 series and the platform’s executive directors, Ted Sarandos and Greg Peters, have wanted to explain the decision to suddenly remove those series, even if they have several followers on social networks:

We have never canceled a successful series ”, Sarandos explains to Bloomberg. “A lot of these shows were well-intentioned, but they were targeting a very small audience with a very large budget. The key is that you have to be able to speak to a small audience with a small budget and a large audience with a large budget. If you do it right, you can do it forever

During this 2023, Netflix has already canceled four series in just one month: 1899, Top Secrets, Deadlock: A Paranormal Park and Unpaired. As for renewals, only two: Wednesday and Cobra Kai, this one renewed for a sixth and final season. And let’s remember that it took a long time to accept a ‘second season’ of Sandman despite its good audience numbers.

Also, it is not the only streaming platform that decides to save a series that has been canceled by another chain or platform. With Day by Day and Tuca and Bertie, they managed to have another season on PopTV and Adult Swim, respectively. Although both have ended up being finally cancelled.