“We have to stop. There are already eight-year-old girls saying: ‘I don’t like my legs'”: Emma Thompson sends a resounding message about hate speech towards our bodies

During her latest job, the actress shared with the public a method she uses to be kinder to herself.

Good Luck Big Leo – Nick Wall

Emma Thompson is one of the Hollywood actresses who in recent years has been an incredible (spontaneous) ambassador of the body positive. Through different experiences that the actress has lived throughout her life, she has tried to show the rejection that she caused herself and how she put an end to this situation.

During the promotion of one of his latest films, Good luck Big Leothe actress revealed to the public one of the methods you are building on to be kinder to your body. In the tape, Thompson gives life to a 60-year-old woman whose husband has died and who, beyond paralyzing her life, decides to move on and live experiences that stimulate her.

To do this, one day he hires the services of a sex worker known by the name Leo Grande. For this film, the actress had to represent some nude scenesbut it was something that did not stop her in her efforts to remain true to herself, so during an interview at the Late Night by Seth Meyers He revealed how he does it.

“In a closed studio, on set, we took off our clothes and went part by part. We looked at our bodies and said, ‘I don’t like this part because I have a scar.’ Then we drew and wrote about them. When you map your body it becomes something you can accept and you can look at it in a neutral way”, says the actress.

In this way it seems as if the prejudices about the uncle herself disappeared and as Thompson says: “You no longer look in the mirror and say to yourself: “You are very bad””. As reported by the media insidersthe interpreter revealed in another interview as a result of this last project that he started hating his body at the age of 14.

We have to stop. There are eight-year-old girls saying: ‘I don’t like my legs’

Thompson seems to have realized that it’s not worth losing.”time, money or your purpose in life” to try to continue to judge you. Instead, the interpreter has decided to continue accepting roles in which she has to appear nude and will continue to try to leave her own prejudices and those of others at the door.