‘We were songs’, the Netflix movie that teaches you to “love yourself before loving another”

Directed by Juana Macías, the romantic comedy is an adaptation of Elísabet Benavent’s bilogy ‘Songs and Memories’, it stars María Valverde and Álex González and is now available on the streaming platform.

Netflix has just released a new original film and we have no doubt that the film directed by Juana Macías (Mothers Love and life, Under the same roof) will be welcomed by the hundreds of thousands of readers who have already been trapped by the story created by bestselling author Elísabet Benavent on paper. We were songs is the aadaptation of Songs and memories, the bilogy of the acclaimed Valencian writer formed by the novels We were songs and We will be memories, and recounts in its barely two hours of duration a funny story of love and heartbreak very ‘millennial’. Its protagonist? Macarena, a young but well-prepared woman who lives off a precarious job as an assistant to an ‘influencer’ and who seeks happiness without having been able to overcome her first romantic hit.

“There are many Macas in Maca and many Leos in Leo,” says María Valverde in her interview with SensaCine (3 meters above the sky, The weakness of the Blochevik), the person in charge of embodying the main character in the film. “It is important to tell the stories from a more natural point of view, that we normalize everything, that we not idealize certain things “, sentence reflecting on that more current trend that de-romanticizes the most classic love stories to give us stories with which we can really identify. “There are situations that are beautiful in themselves, and relationships that are romantic, but I think they have told us a part of the story and that now the rest can be told. These characters live a reality and show it to us. And that is what nice, because people are going to feel very identified “.

Her co-star, Álex González, the person in charge of playing Leo, the love of youth that Maca has never managed to get out of her head, despite breaking her heart, coincides with her. Still, the ex of Living without permission and Prince it seems to him that We were songs maintains a perfect balance and manages to also show that most magical part of love stories: “I really like that it has both: There is the crudest part that it shows you that life is not as beautiful as it has been painted in the movies and that to love you need to love yourself first, which is a wonderful message, but also hIt speaks of that desire we have to love and to be loved, to live that magic that, regardless of whether it is ephemeral or is forever, is wonderful “.


María Valverde and Álex González are Maca and Leo in ‘We were songs’.

Harmful romanticism must be banished

Juana Macías, the director who has worked closely with Elísabet Benavent to adapt her famous ‘bestseller’ bilogy, makes it clear that what should be banished is the damaging part of the romantic: “The romanticism that idealizes and moves away from reality , which traps us in impossible searches. ” And that is precisely what happens to the three protagonists of the film, Maca (Valverde), Jimena (Elisabet Casanovas) and (Susana Abaitúa). While the first of them cannot overcome a break that occurred years ago, Jimena tries to find in other men the reincarnation of her deceased boyfriend and Adriana insists on continuing in a relationship that does not make her happy. “They are hooked on a feeling of what love is that is not connected to reality. And when you are not connected to reality, you suffer. Your expectations are not achievable. That love understood as sacrifice, as pain, as removing oneself to put the other. All that is good to be swept away. But there is still to sweep“.

“Maca says it at the end: ‘You have to learn to love yourself and then you can love another “, Macías continues and that is, in essence, the best message of the film, as María Valverde also assures:

The message of ‘We were songs’ is to love oneself in order to love and make things whole

“It is very important that they are characters who are doubtful, insecure, that they have things clear sometimes but not others. That is what connects with others,” explains the director of the new Netflix original tape. “No one is always clear on things and we are not always perfect. We all doubt. What is important is to know that even from there you can build a path. You have to risk. If not, you stay in the comfort zone, which is sometimes very good but sometimes it is not so good “.

We were songs is an adaptation of a bilogy, but The film that has seen the light today on Netflix covers the two novels in full. A “risky decision” It took a lot of work for the team, but they were clear about what they had to take: “We made the decision to tell Maca’s trip, to tell all of her emotional arc. From where it begins to where it ends. We couldn’t leave it in the middle,” explains Macías .

Nevertheless, both María Valverde and Álex González are delighted with the experience and would be delighted if you experience it again and get back into the shoes of Maca and Leo. You can see the full interview at the beginning of this news.

We were songs is now available on Netflix.