‘Welcome to Earth’ (Disney +): Together with Will Smith, become an explorer of the wonders of our planet

The ‘Independence Day’ and ‘Aladdin’ actor stars in an exciting journey in the new National Geographic series, now available on Disney’s ‘streaming’ platform.

Knowing the wonders of the world is the dream of many people, including that of the actor Will Smith that he has been one of the lucky ones to be able to fulfill that wish. Although, luckily for us, it has been accompanied by a camera. The result is Welcome to earth, an original National Geographic series, now available exclusively on Disney +, where the versatile two-time Oscar-nominated performer tours the most extraordinary places on our planet.

Will Smith is known for his many facets, from that of a successful actor to that of a rapper. So we are not surprised at all that he is now embarking on this new and exciting adventure. Did you think you had seen all of him? Now with Welcome to earth, he becomes an explorer of the most remote places on Earth.

It may seem that we have already seen every inch of the Earth on the screen. But looking in depth, we understand that there is still much to discover. Welcome to earth It not only takes us to know the most wonderful places on our planet, but also reveals its most hidden secrets.

The National Geographic documentary series for Disney + has a awesome photography and this is perfectly combined with splendid audio and successful music. Therefore, you will not miss any detail. From volcanoes that roar in the middle of the silence to deserts that go beyond our perception or herds of animals that make their own decisions.

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Through the six episodes that compose it, Welcome to earth He presents us with images that we are sure will surprise more than one. All this thanks to the enthusiasm, curiosity and charisma of its protagonist, accompanied on this journey by the Oscar-nominated director Darren Aronofsky (Black Swan), who also acts as a producer.

Hand in hand with the best National Geographic explorers

In his mission, Smith will also receive the support of the scouts National Geographic Internationals most reputed in each area. To go down to the bottom of the sea, for example, you will have the help of a marine biologist who specializes in deep waters. Diva Amon, originally from Trinidad and Tobago. Amon, who currently works for the Natural History Museum in London, is one of the few people in the world who has explored the ocean beyond 400 meters of depth. Thanks to these deep-sea dives, either with robots or inside submersibles, discover new species in what is the most unexplored territory so far on planet Earth.

To enter the polar ice, the voice of Lance Sterling in Spies in disguise You will receive the assistance of the polar explorer of Jamaican origin Dwayne Fields, which has walked 600 km to reach the magnetic north pole. And its history is fascinating. From having a troubled adolescence as a gang member, he became an adventurer and explorer. He graduated as an electrical mechanical engineer for the London Underground and also as a psychologist before pursuing his passion and raising funds to achieve his goal. She currently works with young people at risk of social exclusion and organizes a polar exploration to raise awareness about the risks of climate change.

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And to reach the highest peaks, Smith will rub shoulders with Erik Weihenmayer, the first blind mountaineer to reach Everest as a guide. The American, also an author, activist and motivational speaker, is one of 150 mountaineers worldwide who has succeeded in completing all seven eight-thousand and the only blind person to do so.

Aside from Amon, Fields, and Weihenmayer, the emcee of Welcome to earth has also dealt with the engineer and explorer Albert Lin and with the photographer Cristina Mittermeier, ambos de National Geographic.

Will Smith, the greatest experts and best explorers on the planet, a music composed by Oscar nominee Daniel Pemberton (The Chicago 7 trial) and, above all, the wonders of the Earth do this documentary series awesome and only..

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Remember: you can start this exciting ride around the world with Will Smith on Disney + thanks to Welcome to earth.

Enjoy it at Disney+!