“We’re going to build a single player campaign that will get players hooked”: The new Battlefield has a whole team focused on a new narrative – Battlefield 2042

We are aware that Battlefield 2042 has been a video game that has failed completely, although there are certain reasons that restore hope a bit. In this way, there is still some uncertainty with the future of the Battlefield saga, but with the details that have been provided to us these days, we already know that there are certain modalities that will return.

We now know that DICE is working on a new Battlefieldbut there are some of these developers who are focused on the modality that many miss: campaign mode. Ridgeline Games will be in charge of developing a narrative in a warlike environment, as Rebecka Coutaz, vice president and general director of DICE, has pointed out to GamesIndustry.

“Our decision to create a single player team here at DICE is a proactive approach that equips our global teams with the resources they need early on for the next Battlefield experience. We have an immense amount of strength and opportunity within our three global studios, with each team bringing their own set of deep franchise experiences. Now, we can expand the opportunities and benefit from new talent that will help Ridgeline writing the next chapter of the franchise,” says Coutaz.

“Our vision coupled with his experience with the franchise will allow us to build a single player campaign that will engage players in new ways, while staying true to the classic elements of what makes Battlefield truly unique.” concludes Marcus Lehto, director of Ridgeline Games, which in turn was one of the creators of the Halo saga.

Battlefield 2042 is getting better

Battlefield 2042

Just yesterday we launched a Battlefield 2042 special where our partner Clemente García once again has some hope in the game after dedicating more than 100 hours. This has been influenced by the fact of moving away from everything new that they have implemented. In this way, going back to its roots is a good reason since they are picking up certain elements from the previous titles that have made this franchise great.