What happened to Hugo Sierra, the winner of ‘GH Revolution’ who lost everything due to mismanagement and recovered thanks to ‘Survivors’

The ‘reality’ contestant was one of the most common faces on Telecinco programmes. Now his story is quite different.


Big Brother It has been one of the ‘reality shows’ that has given the world of Telecinco the most “characters”. There are many contestants who have passed through the house of Guadalix de la Sierra to delight the spectators, and eighteen are the contestants of the anonymous version who have managed to win the precious prize. He last to get the 300,000 euros was Hugo Sierrawinner of GH Revolution. But what happened to the contestant after winning the ‘reality’?

As soon as he left the house, Hugo was the protagonist of the covers of the heart. The Uruguayan began a relationship with Adara Molinero, a contestant on GH 17 and now in Survivors 2023. A very media relationship from which Martín was born, her first child and his second, and they settled to live in Mallorca. Hugo spent the prize money on bringing his family from Uruguay and on various businesses.

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The contestant of GH He set up a restaurant and bought a car, but he also set up a beauty shop next to Adara on the island. The biggest part of the prize was invested in these two businesses, which would soon realize that they would not be profitable. Hugo had to sell the restaurant to pay the part of the profit from the prize to the Treasury, since the benefits were not what he had thought.

Seeing that business was not going ahead, Adara agreed to participate in GH VIP 7 after giving birth to her son. The young woman became the brand new winner of the ‘reality’, but she would not share the prize with her partner. And it is that, Hugo and Adara ended their relationship When she is inside the Guadalix house, she fell in love with Gianmarco Onestini.

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After this hard moment, Hugo decided to participate in Survivors 2020. There he would meet Ivana Icardi, a 24-year-old Argentine with whom he fell in love and ended up being the mother of her third child. The young Argentine and the extreme ‘reality’ were a breath of fresh air for the businessman, who lasted almost to the end of the adventure as one of the favorites by the spectators.

The Uruguayan was left at the gates of the grand final after losing the televote against Jorge Pérez, who would later become the winner. The almost three months that the Uruguayan was in Honduras helped him to gain a generous amount of money and thus be able to come back after the failure of his two businesses.

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After his participation in the ‘reality’, Hugo decided to get away from television. The winner of GH Revolution He focused on his new life with Icardi and on starting a new professional career. The Uruguayan became soccer player representative thanks to his partner’s brother, Mauro Icardi, who is well known in the world of football. A job that he continues to do despite the fact that he is no longer with Argentina.

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