What happened to Jason Lee: he was the star of ‘My name is Earl’, but then he moved away from the spotlight to pursue his true passion

He was also very popular in the 90s for his regular participation in the popular movies directed by Kevin Smith, but the interpretation would definitely end up passing to a second role.

It was one of the most popular sitcoms of the 2000sbut it has rained since my name is earl It conquered millions of viewers, especially young people, during the four seasons it was broadcast between 2005 and 2009 and its endless reruns on Antena 3 Neox. The unforgettable comedywhich for some viewers is almost cult, was the subject of a great success on NBC but would end up being canceled unexpectedly with the end of its fourth season, which ended on a ‘cliffhanger’.

The premise of my name is earl It was eye-catching from day one and, in fact, that’s how most of its episodes began: “Have you ever thought about that guy who only does bad deeds and wonders why his life sucks? Well, that’s how I am: every time something good happens to me, something bad is about to happen to me. Karma: that’s how I realized I had to change.”

who spoke those words was Earl Hickeya guy who after winning the lottery and losing the ticket after being run over, developed a strong faith towards karma and decided to correct all the mistakes he had made in his life through a long list in which he had collected all his bad deeds. And the one in charge of interpreting it was Jason Lee, an actor that we now recognize mainly for his role in the sitcom but that at that time we knew from his past as one of the fixtures in the famous Kevin Smith movies in the 90s: Mallrats, chasing amy Y Dogma and later those that would come later.

A former professional skateboarder with his own skateboard company, Lee had also been in other famous movies, such as Public Enemy, Almost Famous Y Vanilla Sky or the animated ones The Incredibles either Monster House, but my name is earl it was without a doubt the most important role of his career. Curiously, he was about to say no to the character, although finally, after meeting his creator and sharing his doubts, he decided to accept the role.

After the unexpected cancellation of my name is earl in 2009, Jason Lee continued to work in the entertainment industry for the next decade, but the truth is that further and further away from the spotlight. His most notable works since he stopped being Earl are reduced to several movies of Alvin and the Chipmunksmovies for television, small appearances in series and movies and jobs as a dubbing actor, among which the animation series stands out we are bears.

However, while he has never really strayed away and keeps the door open to projects that catch his eye for whatever reason, Jason Lee’s main activity is now something else, but it is also his greatest passion.

Jason Lee has spent several years dedicating himself to what he likes the most, which is the photograph and thanks to his social networks it is known that he is dedicating himself to some of the most interesting professional projects of his career. As recently published ColliderLee is currently doing projects as a photographer and cataloger of historic sites in the Texas area.

But it is not his only important milestone in his path in the world of photography. In fact, since he began to take an ‘amateur’ interest in this art in the early 2000s, Lee has not stopped training. To date, the also actor has published several photography books and organized several exhibitions, his main interest being the exploration of rural and urban America. Be sure to visit his account to see his incredible work.