What happened to Jennifer Carpenter: She succeeded with ‘Dexter’ but she wanted her character to die and her career has not been as prolific as before

The actress also starred in ‘The Exorcism of Emily Rose’ before joining Showtime’s fiction.

The end of Dexter put the finishing touch to the story of the murderer played by Michael C. Hall. O. At least, that’s how it seemed when the final chapter was released in 2011 ‘Remember the monsters?’ (8×12). Years later, in 2021, the fiction returned with a ninth installment and recovered its main cast. Also to Jennifer Carpenter, who died in the series finale and returned as a kind of inside voice for the lead killer. Since her participation in the fiction of showtimethe actress has not had a very prolific career.

Carpenter was born on December 7, 1979 in Louisville, Kentucky (United States) and studied at the Juilliard School, the New York conservatory of arts. Before graduating she signed on for a Broadway play, the revival of Witches of Salem by Arthur Miller. Liam Neeson and Laura Linney were part of the cast.

Her first major role on the big screen was in 2005, when she gave life to a young demoniac in Emily Rose’s exorcism. Another of his most outstanding titles before participating in Dexter is the series The Good Wifein which he gave life to Pamela Raker in one episode.

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‘Emily Rose’s exorcism’.

From 2006 to 2013, Carpenter embarked on Dexter. The fiction lasted eight seasons and, in it, the actress gave life to Debra Morganthe protagonist’s sister, a worker for the Miami Police Department who kills criminals to satisfy his violent instincts.

Carpenter not only became popular around the time the show hit, she also found love in C. Hall. In 2007, both actors began a relationship and in January 2009 they were already married. However, they did not last long. In 2010 they announced that they had filed for divorce and that they had been separated for some time. Despite the breakup Carpeneter and C. Hall have remained good friends..



‘Dexter: New Blood’.

In the last episode of Dexter, Debra dies. After being shot, the character suffered a stroke while she was admitted to the hospital. Her brother then decides to disconnect her from the machines that kept her alive and take her to the ocean, where she lets her body sink.

Carpenter discussed the end of his character with THR at the time and claimed that he wanted death for Debra. “Strangely, he wanted his death to be a suicide. He wanted Deb to take the only thing that was fully alive in his life. But the way he developed was much better. Deb deserved to die organically.”

On why he thought his character should die, Carpenter said: “When I’ve been saying that in the press, it’s for selfish reasons. Your readers deserve an element of truth when you tell them about something that they care enough to read about. I wanted them to see the truth. He wanted her to die. But it was more for me. Deb deserves some peace“.

For the actress, Debra’s death was the only way for her to find a happy ending. “She would always have made sure to rack up enough dirt on secrets with Dexter. I’m not sure a happy ending was possible for her. this was his happy ending“.


Once finished Dextergave voice to Natasha Romanoff/black widow in Avengers Confidential: Black Widow & Punisher already selina kyle/catwoman in Batman: Gotham by Gaslight. Also to Sonya Blade in animated films Mortal Kombat Legends: The Legend of Scorpion and Mortal Kombat Legends: Battle of the Realms.

In addition to participating in the series Unlimited (2015 – 2016) that only lasted one season, the film also premiered in 2021 Mouthful of Air, starring Amanda Seyfried. In 2021-2022 she returned as Debra to the sequel Dexter: New Blood. Since the end of the return of fiction, only the science fiction film has been announced as the actress’s new project Control Group.

As for her personal life, Carpenter married the musician in 2016 Seth Avett from the band The Avett Brothers and a year before the link they had their first child.

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