What happened to Lea Michele: she succeeded with ‘Glee’ but her peers hated her and she suffered the death of her boyfriend. She now fulfills her dream on Broadway

She has received a lot of ‘hate’ and has been away from audiovisual projects for several years, but she has managed to be the star of a musical, which is what she always dreamed of.

We have lost track of them for a while, but the cast of glee experienced a authentic explosion of popularity in its day, when the popular musical comedy debuted on Fox and quickly became one of the series of the moment. Then it was the year 2009 and the serial phenomenon was already a reality, but the streaming platforms had not yet entered the scene and open fiction, such as the one developed by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, had it “easier “to become a bombshell.

Perhaps now it may surprise that the same thinking head that last 2022 gave us the chilling Dahmer and to whom we owe american horror storywas the same one that in its day devised a high school comedy centered on a chorus of ‘misfits’ and a frustrated teacher, but the reality is that the DNA of glee he was 100% Ryan Murphy – a Murphy from another era – and that was a large part of what made him successful.

glee he opted for the visibility and representation of minorities when he hardly spoke about it and quickly attracted attention. Now, Eight years after its denouement, the comedy hasn’t aged well and, from a distance, things don’t look the same. In fact, not only has the series not gone down in history as an exemplary series, but some issues that in their day were overlooked while others were applauded, today they would have been criticized.

Also, even though it all seemed like a colorful party of song and dance, the reality is that Not everything was smooth sailing behind the scenes of the series. Subsequently, the kind of “curse” that has weighed on her has been much commented, with several shocking events related to various members of her cast, but before reaching that it seems that between 2009 and 2015 some of its members ended up hating her. “I never hated her… some people did”Kevin McHale commented in an interview for a podcast that went very viral in 2020.

Apparently the complaints had to do with different issues at the level of the script, numbers and songs, but, when a few years after the end of glee some started to come to light details about the bad vibes behind the scenes, the spotlight was placed on one of the cast members: Lea Michele. And the people welcomed them with open arms, because, as is well known, her character Rachel Berry, and by extension herself, had been disliked by viewers almost from the start.

“Do you remember when you made my first hell TV appearance?”

Rumors that she had a capricious diva attitude were already present during the series’ broadcast, but in 2018 her partner Naya Rivera -tragically who died in 2020- acknowledged that she did not have a good relationship with Michele in her autobiographical book Sorry Not Sorry: Dreams, Mistakes and Growing Up. According to Rivera, things often “heated up” on set, especially when Santana became a bigger character and Lea Michele “had a hard time separating work from their friendship on the outside.”


And it would not be the only one. Lea Michele has been accused on several occasions of despising her co-workers and, apparently, her bad character ended up being an open secret in the industry. in 2020 also accused of racism by his former classmate glee Samantha Marie Ware, outraged by Michele’s message of support for the Black Lives Matter movement, showing solidarity with the activists and mourning Floyd’s death. According to the actress, Michele made her “life hell”: “Do you remember when you made my first television appearance hell? Because I will never forget it. I think you told everyone that if you had the chance you would ‘shit in my wig’! Among other traumatic microaggressions that made me consider a career in Hollywood…”.

Heather Morris, who played Rivera’s love interest on Glee, also criticized her former partner’s behavior on the podcast. Everything Iconic by Danny Pellegrino in 2021: “We could have stepped up and gone to the executives at Fox and told them how we felt about the situation and nobody really did,” Morris admitted. “I think a lot of people were very scared.”

All of this caused a stir on social networks and there were more accusations about the young woman’s bad behavior in the workplace that led her to apologize.

Life after ‘Glee’

With these testimonies, there is no doubt that the environment, at least in recent years, in glee it was not good. On the one hand, the actors were not entirely happy and the environment around Lea Michele as a partner was toxic.

The actress also she lost her boyfriend in 2013, when Cory Monteith, also the protagonist of the series, died as a result of a “lethal combination of drugs and alcohol” according to the autopsy. He was only 31 years old.

after the end of gleeLea Michele starred in scream queensalso developed by Ryan Murphy for Fox, in 2015 and landed a role in The Major from ABC in 2017 but that would be pretty much it.

The actress began to focus more on her musical facet and in 2022 she announced her return to Broadway hand in hand with a project that meant fulfilling a dream for her: to be Fanny Brice in the musical Funny Girl, a role she already tried to get when she was still a student and not yet famous.

And for the moment it seems that his colleagues have no complaints: “He is being so kind that he makes Julie Andrews look like a bitch”said a source close to page six. “Everyone’s name and birthdays are known.”