What happened to Will Smith after the smack: Therapy, canceled projects and a film with possibilities at the Oscars

The actor continues to regret the day he slapped Chris Rock at the gala where, despite everything, he won the Oscar for best actor for ‘The Williams Method’.

It’s been almost a year since Will Smith smacked Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars. All because of a joke by the comedian about the actor’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, about her hair loss.

Without a doubt, it was one of the moments that everyone remembers about the 94th Academy Awards. That and Smith’s equally surreal acceptance speech for Best Actor for The Williams Method 40 Minutes After the Fact, in which he presented himself as a protector and tearfully pleaded that “love will make you crazy.”

This incident meant that the actor from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air will no longer be able to vote in future Academy Awards by resigning from his position in it. even thoughe can still be nominated for your work, attend ceremonies, and keep your award.

Much of 2022, Smith has been apologizing or claiming he’s working on himself. Like the text he wrote on his official Instagram account where he deeply regretted that his behavior had darkened one of the great moments for other actors. He later made a similar apology to Chris Rock in a video a few months later.

In June 2022, Jada Pinkett-Smith asked for to make peace between Smith and Rock. Although the comedian did not respond to these various pleas as he toured the world with his stand-up show. In July, though, in Atlanta, Rock brought up the slap monologue joking about “getting hit by Suge Smith,” referencing rap mogul Suge Knight.

And soon after, in Arizona, he reminded the audience that Smith had once played Muhammad Ali:

It’s bigger than me. The state of Nevada would not approve a fight between me and Will Smith.

And it was in Liverpool when he directly mentions Smith saying: “Fuck your hostage video”, referring to the same one from Smith that he uploaded to YouTube in July. Throughout those months, Will Smith claimed that he was in therapy for stress, while some companies canceled projects that had already been agreed with him, such as Netflix with Bright 2, The Council Y fast and loose.

“I haven’t slept a wink”: Will Smith knows that his slap will affect his new movie

However, the actor was not stopped at any time, since he was filming his new series for National Geographic, pole to pole, and finishing his latest film Towards Freedom, in which he plays a fugitive and which is now available on AppleTV+. So it means that the actor has found himself in the middle of promoting the film, listening to him talk about the infamous Oscars event again:

It was a horrible night, as you can imagine. There are many nuances and complexities. But at the end of the day, I just lost. It was the little boy who saw his father hit his mother. All of this arose at that moment.

Best of all is that towards freedom has been getting good reviews, so if he does receive any nominations, things could get awkward. On the other hand, the Academy also invited Rock again to host the Oscars 2023. But this he refused saying it would be like going back to the scene of the crime.

Will Smith turned down one of the best sci-fi characters of the 90s to star in what he considers his worst movie

For now, the new movie with Will Smith going ahead is Bad Boys 4. But no other new project has been announced yet. Meanwhile, if you’re curious, it’s already available on AppleTV+ towards freedom, the actor’s first post-Oscar slap film.

The story revolves around Peter, a slave who fled from a Louisiana plantation after being whipped to near death. To win his freedom, he had to defy his captors and survive the Louisiana swamps.