What have they become ? After the radio, Laurent Cabrol is active under the sun of the Black Mountain

the essential
Forced to cut his microphone after forty years on Europe 1, Laurent Cabrol discovers a new rhythm of life in Mazamet, in the Tarn. Between his passions of writing, aviation, gardening and his animals … he is overflowing with projects.

At 74 years old, our Mister Weather keeps a hectic pace of life. It is at the foot of the Black Mountain, near Mazamet, that Laurent Cabrol has lived for several years. It was also from his Tarn stronghold that he produced most of the weather reports on Europe 1. “For nearly forty years, my alarm clock rang at 4.30am. I sat down at my desk, turned on my microphone and presto, I found myself connected to the millions of French people who were listening in the morning. Laurent Cabrol still has this radiocommunication equipment in the middle of the show. Like an extension of him which he has not yet been able to part with. Or rather, as if his brutal eviction from Europe 1 last September had not left the management time to recover him. “I felt a great injustice when I learned by telephone that my collaboration with them had ceased, he confides. The way it was done is unworthy of what I have experienced with this radio. “

“The radio that saw me born”

In forty-five years on the air, the one who has become “the weather voice of Europe 1” has done everything, reporting, newspapers, broadcasts … One of his feats of arms: the launch of Restaurants from the heart with his friend Coluche. “I was in the neighboring studio when he spoke live on September 26, 1985. We exchanged hours to refine his project. Subsequently, I was the one who recorded Yves Montand’s passage on the first version of the Restos hymn. “A pride for Laurent Cabrol who does not however like to look in the rearview mirror.

In a wooden chest of drawers, near his fireplace, he has kept everything. The incredible reports by helicopter or bicycle across France; the photos of his wild years where we can see those he worked with. Politicians, athletes, actors, winners of television games, he was the essential radio and TV host of the 90s. There is no question for him, today, of lamenting his fate. With the end of this life on the air, the dawn awakenings are over. “No longer needing to go to bed at 10 pm, I discover with great pleasure the evening television programs”, he laughs before admitting that his internal clock still wakes him up every morning at five hours before. that he does not fall asleep again.

A peasant soul

Although he continues to come to Paris where he spends two days a week, it is from the Tarn that Laurent Cabrol pursues his projects. Unable to stay still, he takes care of the animals on his farm: cows, horses, donkeys and sheep, all rescued from the slaughterhouse. He makes his own honey, apple juice and wine. On the land of his ancestors, he built his house, that of his mother and his sister. Very invested in the region, the one who launched the motorway project between Toulouse and Mazamet alongside Pierre Fabre is also honorary president of the rugby club and figurehead of the local bimonthly, La Montagne Noire. “I learned to read with this journal, it is the journal of my childhood. It is legendary, ”explains this chauvinist from Tarn-Sud.

In addition, he is working on the writing of two books: “The Man of the Black Mountain” *, and another on the climate. No question for him to leave the media radars, he continues his columns for the written press, in particular on gardening and the weather. “I am an ecologist in love with nature,” he reveals. A fan of aviation, he hopes that his aerial leisure center on the Causse will soon see the light of day. A file called “The children of Mermoz” that he has been refining for eight years to revitalize his country. With, as a bonus, the creation of a weather station. Case to follow.

* Which follows “The Child of the Black Mountain”

Those years

It is with nostalgia that Laurent Cabrol plunged back into his souvenir photos. The opportunity to remember his most emblematic television shows such as “1,2,3, Soleil”, “The steps of glory”, “The night of heroes”, “The golden family”, “The figures and letters ”or even“ Téléshopping ”. His originality and his ease on the air, will earn him to be ranked seventh favorite host of the French and to obtain the only Golden Seven in history awarded to a weather presenter in the 90s.