What have they become ? Discreet and patient, the Cats on Trees will release their new album in January

the essential
Very discreet for several years, the Cats on Trees had not abandoned the field of pop song. The Toulouse duo will be back on January 28, 2022 with an album called “Alie”, followed by a tour across France.

Made up of Gersoise Nina Goern and Toulouse Yohan Hennequin, the group Cats on Trees caused a sensation in 2013 with their first eponymous album, carried by the hit “Sirens call”, broadcast on radio. After a successful tour, the discographic suite was long overdue, without anything really explaining it.

During this time, rappers invaded the song world, not hesitating to release one or even two records per year, not to mention an almost daily presence on social networks. In 2018 finally arrived “Neon”, supposed to put back the Cats on Trees in the light… which was not really the case…

Ten years earlier, the singer and pianist and the percussionist are hardened by increasing the number of concerts, in Toulouse and around, in small rooms. The group, which sings in English, is gradually forging a good reputation with a Discovery Prize at the Printemps de Bourges in 2010 and opening acts with renowned artists. Without forgetting a collective concert, Place du Capitole on the occasion of the Music Festival in 2013. That year, Yohan Hennequin declares having “turned a page”, thanks to the involvement of the record company Tôt ou Tard which puts the means for the recording of the first album and all that goes with it, in particular a clip for “Silens call” shot during 4 days in Bolivia. Released in October, the disc, produced by Toulouse-based Pierre Rougean, will exceed all targets with more than 200,000 copies sold. The osmosis between Nina and Yohan is obvious as the latter sums it up: “We both benefit from each other’s experience and we understand each other almost instantly. We compose a lot, almost without speaking ”.

This year

If the Cats on Trees performed well in 2013, they were surpassed in the ranking of best-selling albums by Stromae (“Square root”, 1 million records sold), Daft Punk (“Random Access Memories”, 500,000 ), Maître Gims (“Subliminal”, 445,000), Les Enfoirés (“The music box of the Enfoirés”, 410,000), Bruno Mars (“Unorthodox Jukebox”, 380,000), Christophe Maé (“I want happiness” , 360,000), Zaz (“Recto Verso”, 312,000), “Generation Goldman” (285,000), etc.

“Emotional and sensitive”

The percussionist also admits it: “As we are emotional and sensitive, we could quickly become afraid, but our entourage being really benevolent, we live what happens to us very very well. “In 2014, the Cats gave way to the Victoires de la Musique where they were named, but continued to fill the venues and seduce the big festivals. “We sometimes played in front of 50,000 spectators,” Yohan says. Curiously, beyond a certain number, the crowd becomes a sort of cocoon. “

The duo then announced a new album “for 2016”, “also reflecting on texts in French”. “Neon” will therefore only be released in 2018… with songs exclusively in English. The first title sets the tone: it’s called “Keep on dancing” and the clip is shot in Los Angeles.

“We waited to make the best record possible,” says Nina. We needed something concrete and strong to say. “And the singer crossed her fingers:” Our audience is hyperfamily and very loyal. »A wish that will unfortunately not be realized, the album quickly sinking into the depths of the sales rankings.

A long silence followed, the successive confinements encouraging the Cats more to “learn to let themselves breathe” than to work hard. The third opus of the group, with resolutely European aims (it is produced by Liam Howe, who worked with Adele and Lana del Rey) will be released on January 28, launched with two extracts, “Please please please” and “She was a girl” .

The first has achieved more than a million views on Youtube since June when “Sirens calls” remains at the top, 8 years after its release, with nearly 22 million Internet users conquered.

Cats on Trees album “Alie”, released Friday January 28, 2022 (Early or Late). In concert at Bikini de Ramonville on Friday April 8, 2022.