What have they become ? Pauline Ester, Toulouse singer of the 80s, took over the microphone

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Originally from Toulouse, singer Pauline Ester made France in the late 80s vibrate with two hits “Yes, I love it” and “Le monde est fou”. More than 30 years later, she is still performing on stage and dreams of a jazzy musical project.

“It’s one of the best memories of my life!” As light as a jazz tune, sparkling and glamorous: the singer Pauline Ester has not changed since the summer of 89. This summer that turned her life upside down. La Toulousaine, who celebrated her 58th birthday a few days ago, was only 26 when she released her first album “Le monde est fou” at Polydor. The single, “Yes, I love it” was a hit and entered the Top 50 in France in 1989. A few months later followed by a second festive hit “Le monde est fou”. The album will be certified gold (100,000 copies sold).

A dazzling success that also rhymes with the golden age of record companies. “It propelled me into the light and it made me grow,” analyzes the star of the 80s. Her second album, “On the other side”, released in 1991, did not have the expected success. And Pauline Ester was satisfied with it. “It’s been a great time, but I don’t think it was really my thing, being fame. It’s a job with a lot of slack.” To “live happily”, she therefore refocused on her family for a long time. In a relationship at the time with Pascal Légitimus, she helped him raise his daughter.

And then in 2008, there was a nice surprise: the insurance company Groupama offered to readjust its hit “Yes, I love it”. The idea: to change the words “It’s my love, my treasure” to use it in their famous jingle “Groupama, always, always there for me.” An opportunity for the artist who will record the jingle herself and collect precious royalties. “People still talk to me about it and it’s always nice,” she smiles.

Then, in 2012, out of love for an Airbus, Pauline Ester left Paris and returned to her native land in Lauragais, where her mother was from. “It’s a beautiful story: I live with my childhood sweetheart, when I was eight years old and I met again 40 years later. He brought me back here and I am delighted to find my roots. has been extremely beneficial. ” The year 2015 was a “very intense restart” for the singer. Selected for the “Star 80, the Origin” tour, she found the stage. “We still filled two Stades de France, an Arena in Paris and a big concert in Lyon, she smiles. At first, I was reluctant to perform my songs on repeat, but I understood that each performance, each concert is different and we do medleys. There was a lot of choreography that I loved. “

A concert in Saint-Gaudens in February

After four editions of the tour, alongside Lio and Julie Pietri in particular, a death in her entourage led her to slow down. Before returning to the stage in 2019, in a 90s tour this time, alongside singer Lâam and Tribal Jam. “We had found a very good rhythm, I was on the trains to Lille and Marseille every weekend,” recalls the artist. After contracting Covid-19 in 2020 and experiencing two months of intense fatigue, Pauline Ester got back on her feet. Deprived of concerts due to the pandemic, she was able to find her audience this summer. “I really saw the difference, people are a hundred times happier during concerts,” she notes.

Her catchy and jazzy melodies, she continues to sing them to the four corners of France. “In the 80s, I thought the world would get better and better, while my words still have so much meaning today, the world is crazy …” All summer, she shot in Dordogne and in Marseille region. If health measures still allow it, it will be in concert on February 12 in Saint-Gaudens (Haute-Garonne). In her boxes, Pauline also keeps a project that is close to her heart: covers of French songs in jazzy mode accompanied by a piano. “You always need projects to continue to sparkle!”